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Another newbie here...

I am an old nestie who just found this board. I am so excited to see there are other ladies in the same boat as I am!

DH and I have beenTTC #2 for just about 2 years. After many months of testing, the diagnosis was unexplained infertility, and was given a Rx for Clomid.

Well, I had been holding onto my Rx for Clomid for almost 6 months (just wanted to see if it would happen) and finally are starting on it this month. I am on 50mg, days 5-9 and have 1 more day left!

I was expecting hot flashes...but only had insomnia....which I can deal with as long as it goes away!

Anyone else been told they have unexplained infertility? It's so frustrating to know it took nothing to conceive DS and this time we have no answer.

Jen, mom to Evan-6yrs and Ella-20 months

Re: Another newbie here...

  • Welcome and I hope Clomid does the trick for you! 
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  • you are far more patient then me my friend! Hopefully this does the trick!
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  • Welcome! So many of us have unexplained issues - it's tougher to me than having a dx that I could know something about. We are fertile as all get out but have unexplained recurrent losses. Hopefully the Clomid works for you! GL and keep us posted!
  • (((HUGS)))  I think that is just one of the hardest diagnoses b/c you don't know.  Hang in there!   I hope the Clomid works for you!  (Oh the hot flashes are normal).
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