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help decide on our boy's name...

My husband and I are in a constant battle with our son's name. He really, really wants to use the name Kane. I like this name, but I don't love it and I am really concerned about the association of Cain in the Bible. I on the other hand, don't have any boy's names that I really love and I have searched high and low. I don't like anything trendy. We both want to use something different so any suggestions are appreciated and I would love to hear opinions on the name Kane. Do any of you know of any one named Kane? Thanks! ?

Re: help decide on our boy's name...

  • I think everyone will associate Kane/Cain from the bible.  I'm not really a fan.  What about Reid?  I am loving that name right now. 
  • The little boy I babysit for is Reid, so it's out but I do love that name!?
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  • I'm trying to think of short, unusual names for you.  What about Tate?
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    I think the Kane/Cane association is inevitable.  The name strikes me as a little trendy, too.

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  • Tate

  • The Cain association is definitely an issue. What about Clark, Rhett, Seth, Graham, Blane, Shane?
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    i associate cain/kane with the bible - i'd pick another name.

     i know of one guy named kane.  i don't know if he like his name or if he received any negative feedback about his name because i don't really know him.

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    I think the Kane/Cane association is inevitable. ?The name strikes me as a little trendy, too.

    I agree?

  • I agree with the PPs, not a fan of Kane.
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  • Luke




  • Yeah, I think most people associate it with Cain in the Bible and what he did. Sorry, but it is not my style for that reason.

    Here are some similar short names as alternatives...

    Pierce, Cole, Finn, Gray, Bryce, Caleb, Beck, Wade, Dean, Rowan, Troy, Reid, Grant





  • What about Colin??
  • Agree with the rest - Kane's going to get the beat down at vacation bible school!

    I love the name Keiran - similar sounding, but a little different, and it's Irish too...?

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    Agree with the rest - Kane's going to get the beat down at vacation bible school!


  • What about Kade or Cade?

  • Thanks but I think the name Keiran sounds too much like Karen... way to girly.
  • I not only think of Cain but also of a cane, like a walking stick. Just not a very good image for a boy to me. I once knew a guy in college named Dane, and he was the tall, strong, type.
  • My nephew's name is Caine. He's the funniest little 8 year old ever with big blond curls. He loves his name and his parents love that it's unique.
  • I don't think about Cain in the Bible when it is spelled with a "K" However that being said, don't settle on something you don't absolutely love. What about these names that aren't really trendy:

     Fabio, Felix, Luca, Enzo, Nilo.....

     You should look into other languages for something unique. Good Luck!

  • First thought: bible.   Second thought: soap opera.
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  • I love the name Kane.  I think of the pro skateboarder Ryan Sheckler's little brother who is absolutely adorable! I'd say keep it!  :)
  • I like the name Kane.  My 22 year old brother has Kain for a middle name and noone has ever said anything about the biblical relation.  I say if you like you like...use it. I only know one person with Kane as a first name.
  • What about Keane?  I think that's the spelling.  It's very close.
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  • I also like Zane or Dane.
  • NannaNanna member
    DS's name is Dane and we get compliments on it ALL the time. ?Or, what about Kellan?
  • we were liking kane too but everyone brought up the bible thing and the more i thought of it, it felt like bad juju or osmething lol. So we vetoed it.

    my dh's bf's mn is kane. maybe use it as a mn if you looooove it but are afraid of the bible thing.

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