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You're starting to freak me out!  I just realized that Madison is 2 days younger than Hailey and you have SO much stuff already planned for her b-day!  Have you bought anything or are you just getting ideas?

I have a theme but I haven't bought anything b/c right now I don't even know where we'll be living when it's time for DD's party!

I guess I better get on the ball so I can keep up with you Wink

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Re: Dani!

  • LOL!  Dont freak out! I havent bought A THING!! lol

    I just like to think of everything and see what my options are, then I see where its the cheapest and I buy a little here and a little there so its not like OMG! HUGE BILL at once :)

    Were having it a park but I havent even reserved it yet :)

  • Ok, that makes me feel better.  I have about 200 links in my favorites of stuff that I'm thinking about but I haven't bought anything.  I guess I need to figure out a guest list first :)

    An outdoor park is out for us since it's probably going to be cold!  My hesitation is that I think we're moving but not positive when.  We're moving to the house that I grew up in.  It's empty but I just need to work out the specifics with my dad.  Anyway, if we're in that house, we'll have the party there.  If not, our house now is too small so I need to think of some place to have it. 

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  • Oh thats so neat! (about the house)  Maybe you can secure a backup if your NOT in the house...If its cutting it too close it might just be a headache to have it there anyway....maybe a friends house or your parents?
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