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When do you Bump? Fun clicky poll...

Big Smile   When do you Bump?  Here's a clicky poll...


Re: When do you Bump? Fun clicky poll...

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    Ben loves Sesame Street.  As a general rule, I am not a big fan of him watching a lot of tv, but I do allow him to watch Sesame Street a few times a week.  When he does, I put him in the is PNP next to me and I'll get on here for a little bit.  Then I'll get on again while he's napping (like now).  Then I usually get on at night again after he's asleep. 

    I think I'm addicted.  

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    I Bump at naptime and at night.  Sometimes in the morning, but since DD and I are getting up at the same time in the morning now (I just can't drag myself out of bed!) it's quite limited.
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    After I nurse DD in the morning, I put her in her exersaucer while I eat a bowl of cereal and check email/nest for 10 minutes.  Then I check back in for five or so minutes at a time throughout the day while she's napping.   If DH is out at night (like tonight--bball), I read and/or nest, especially since it's summer and there's nothing on tv.  :)
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