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Does anybody else have one? I decided to have it inserted at 6 weeks pp. I bled for what seemed like forever (it was probably a month or so of spotting every day). Now i havent had a period since about feb. I was nursing but now, i only nurse 1 - 2x a day and do not pump. (and yes, i have done preg test with - result). just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this similar side effect of no period. Tia. =)

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  • cancel the post. I went to the website and it says that 1 out 5 women will not experience a period while the mirena is in place. just fyi.

  • That is the best side effect to have with Mirena! I say that because I had it put in after I had Hannah and bled for 6 months...straight, it was SO awful. Needless to say I had it removed and my gyno told me just some women never take to the IUD. Sucks, because aside from the constant period I LOVED never having to worry about a pill everyday!
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