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Teething Help!

so my little man is teething. It has been really bad since Sunday night. 100.2 fever, sweats, crying, low appetite, runny nose the whole 9 yards! I tried getting a cloth and rubbing his gums but that doesn't work. I tried toys with rough edges and nothing either. What did you ladies used for your little ones to help with the pain and discomfort?

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  • orajel, motrin or tylenol...and a frozen teether.

    we tried the teething tablets but our pedi told us not to give them to her b/c it has an ingredient called benzodine (which she doesnt recommend...something about it being a drug)

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  • i hope he feels better soon!!!!
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  • same as pp... i used tylenol and motrin and the frozen toys. also i fed him lots of COLD gerber applesauce and pear puree. he pretty much has been eating lots of cold fruit since he started teething and it really has helped him feel better. two teeth just came in this past week and I definitely suggest the cold food as a comfort mechanism. :) also cold oatmeal in the morning and cold bottles! .. don't know if your little one will like either one but zachary has a taste for both and prefers it cold especially while teething!
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