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16 months already.. but will never forget the day she was born!

On the Friday prior to DD's Birth  I had an appt and told them i had been getting like quarter sizes spots of liquid on my underwear for a few days so they tested me to see if it was amniotic fluid which is wasnt so they told me the baby was probably leaning on my bladder causing me to pee a little every so often. On the following Tuesday, I felt really sick and had been monitoring my fever all day and at about 9pm it reached 101.4 and that was a spike from 8pm when it was only 100.1 and that was the highest it had been all day until 9pm, so my SIL took me to the hospital where they monitored me for contractions and said i was having small ones but nothing to write home about... they also gave me something to help me sleep since i hadnt been sleeping well. i was 38 weeks preggers exactly that day.. they told me to skip work the next day. So Thursday i went back to work, and had been leaking all day which i thought was peeing myself due to the fact thats what i had been told just 6 days prior.. So i worked all day and wrapped toilet paper around my underwear cause the pantyliners just werent doing the trick anymore.. after work, i went with my husband to cheer him on during his last dart night and a few of my friends came out too and i was joking about how i was peeing myself all day.. LOL.. every time i coughed sneezed or laughed more came out.. by the end of the night i was soo uncomfortable cause like i said the panty liners werent doing the trick no matter how many i used i decided i wasnt going to go to the diner with everyone else and me and DH went home and went to bed.. I didnt get much sleep that night because every hour on the hour i had to get up and change my underwear cause they were soaked.. only my underwear not bed and i wasnt contracting so i really wasnt sure what was going on but by 8 am when i saw a little bit of blood i decided ok now i am going to call the hospital. They told me that its normal around this time being i was almost 39 weeks to have BLOODY SHOW.. and that i was more then welcome to come in for a labor check if it would make me feel better. So i figured what the hey, and i went in.. my dh and i stopped off got some food.. i really thought i was getting sent home once i got there so i didnt really eat much even after they warned me that if i get admitted i am not allowed to eat until the baby is born.

 We arrived at the hospital around 9:30 and i got into my gown and was hooked up to the monitor and they were about to do the amniotic fluid check and didnt even have to use the paper cause they could see that my water was broke.. It had a small leak!! They told me she would be here at about 10 30- 11pm!! i was soo excited!! i was finally gonna be done being pregnant and was going to get to meet this tiny kick boxer!!

They started me on Pictosin(sp?) and an Antibiotic because my water had been broke for over 24 hours, and me and my mom started playing Rummy!

@ around 3:30 i was begging for an Epidural!

i had lots of visitors waiting just waiting for me to start pushing!!

At around 7 30 my epidural wore off and i was screaming for another one!! it hurt so bad.. so finally at about 7:40 the guy came in and Gave me a Bolis (sp?) shot and it was taking forever to kick in.. my midwife checked me at 7:45 and i was 8 cm.. and she said the baby would most like be here at 10 30... she barely got to the door when the nurses and my mom were screaming the baby just dropped.. my whole stomach moved and i was screaming i feel it in my butt i feel it in my butt!! She came back in and checked me and i was 10 cm and the baby was right there and ready to come out! so they got me in position to start pushing and kicked everyone but the people i wanted in the room out.. and i started pushing at about 8pm.. and ofcourse the Bolise shot just kicked in so now i dont feel the contractions so i am depending on everyone else to tell me when to push!! Well they were all coming in sequence and then everyone stopped telling me to push so i started yelling am i contracting am i contracting should i push and they said the nurse in standing in front of the screen.. I SCREAMED MAKE HER MOVVVVVVVVVE!!! in which she quickly got out of the way and i went back to pushing and @ 8:10pm Kahlynne Jaide was born 7lbs 1oz 20 and 1/2 inches long!!

It was soo amazing!! My DH cut the Cord and had the babys feet prints put on a shirt and her Longenberger basket.. and handed out cigars!! he was soo proud!! i even saw him tear up for the very first time ever!! and she was just perfect!! she latched on right away to BF and was such an easy baby!! and now she is 16 month old and she is soo smart and she now has an attitude but i guess that comes with being a GIRL! hehe!! Cant wait to do it again!!

Re: 16 months already.. but will never forget the day she was born!

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