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**Talking to me about wearing a sling**

Ok so I'm reading about how good it is for a baby to be worn for several hours a day...and I think I want to attempt this style of parenting however, what is several hours? How do you find a sling that works? I'm terrified the baby will roll, fall, slide out....

also is a sling comfortable? I know after birth there is some recovery time but I want to be able to do some stuff around the house and wear the baby- is that practicle to think I can do this? 


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Re: **Talking to me about wearing a sling**

  • When DD was first born, I wanted to wear her in a sling a lot.  Unfortunately, she wasn't really into the sling.  There were some times where she would consent to being in the Moby wrap, and then I could do things around the house and she would just sleep.

    I really recommend the Moby wrap, because you can use it so many ways and it will work for a newborn all the way up to a toddler.  When DD was older and could be worn in the Baby Bjorn facing out, that was the greatest thing.  I would wear her all the time then and do stuff around the house, and DH would wear her for about an hour every night and it really helped her when she was fussy.

  • I love wearing ds.  As a newborn I liked the moby much more than my sling- he just seemed more supported.  In the sling I felt like he was all scrunched and it was hard to get him in/out.  It was also hard on my back.  At about 3.5 months though we started loving the sling and it is so handy when you are out and about to just pop them in and out as needed without having to go through the whole wrap process. It also didn't hurt my back anymore- I'm not sure if that was due to recovery or just positioning.   I say get one of each!  Check out thebabywearer.com they have reviews of every carrier imaginable! 

    hth and congratulations!

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  • I got an Ergo Baby Carrier when DD was around 1 year old. I love it becuase it has a belt the really supports the baby and takes the pressure off my back and shoulders. I had another for the first year, but really love my Ergo.

    DD also slept really well in her bouncy seat set to vibrate. 

    If you are doing some reading get the "Happiest Baby on the Block" by Dr. Karp.  Get the DVD - it is sooooooo great.

    My darling daughter just turned 4 years old.
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