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Please share your story

Sorry if this has been done a lot here, but i am new to this board and was curious about others experiences.  See my Ob just keeps telling us to "keep trying" since my blood work tests all came back normal and our last loss was trisomy 16.  So please share your story?  Do you see an OB, RE?  Was first child conceived (with or without help)?  I am in limbo waiting for our first RE appointment in September so i have a ton of questions. Thanks!
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Re: Please share your story

  • Here is my story

    married DH in october 2005

    started TTC in decemnber 2005

    BFP may 2006

    natural mc july 2006

    BFP August 2006 (before 1st AF post mc) Truly believe she is our miracle! 

    DD born 3/25/07

    Started TTC #2 June 2008

    BFP Dec 2008

    mmc and d&c 1/26/09

    trying again since march


    OB just wants to keep trying, since " you can get preg." and all blood work is normal.  Made an appointment to see RE in the spring but first opening is not until we wait. :( but still trying on our own and hoping. Sorry for all the spaces, it keeps doing that.



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  • Here is my story:

    Married DH June 2004

    TTC#1 Aug 2006

    Dx PCOS and began Provera and Metformin July 2007

    BFP Oct. 2007

    DS born May 2008 at 36 weeks with RDS (NICU stay)

    Never tried to prevent after DS #1

     Began Metformin again in May 2009

    BFP July 2009!  Waiting anxiously for my OB apt Aug 11.  

    I see a reg OB and we are done after this one is we go to the NICU again.   


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  • Married in June of 06, went off BC in Sept 06,

    Noticed alot of PCOS symptoms In Jan 07- went to OB (not my current one) who told me it was in my head and I needed to loose weight.

    Gave up really, and stopped trying to loose weight. Wasnt loosing the weight. Went and had thyroid and bloodwork done at general DR. in May 07. Came back normal-

    Made appt with RE and had a 2 month waiting time until  Aug 07

    RE prescribed metformin- Supposed to start Clomid in OCT- Descided to go on trip and start in NOV- got BFP in OCT

    ****This time****

    Went off BC in Dec, prevented until May due to Insurance- Tried May and June with Metformin alone, tried June/July with Femera and I go into tomorrow to see what I will be doing July/Aug.

    ***Blake (1) and Ashlyn (3) ** [IMG][/IMG]
  • Hi Welcome to the board!
    -My ex and I started trying for DD January 2005
    -finally got BFP November 10, 2005 
    -DD Born July 2006
    -Got IUD October 2006
    -Everything was whacky after that didnt bleed for months then bled for weeks and weeks and so on/so forth
    -Unexplained Hemmoraging (possibly miscarriage??) October 2007
    -Have not bled on my own since without medication
    -Married DH November 2008
    -Removed IUD November 2008 
    -started seeing doctor at fertility clinic March 2009 (I'm guessing he is an RE, things are a little different here)
    -Clomid 3 cycles april-July 2009
    -starting Femara by the end of this week! Yay!

    In summary I have VERY low progestrone, i only get AF on medication and have yet to ovulate with the meds. My DH's swimmers are also slightly low so he takes vitamins and folic acid.  

    Our Girls
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    Aquinnah Dori
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  • Welcome, and I hope your stay is short!

    6/06 married

    6/06 began TTC

    12/06 Booked with an RE as cycles were between 28 and 39 days US showed "major PCOS"

    6/07-8/07 3 cycles of clomid IUI all BFN

    8/07  IUI with Bravelle BFP

    4/08 DS born

    5/08 began TTC #2 on our own for a couple of months

    11/08-12/08 IUI with follistim Both BFN and OHSS

    1/09 switched REs and had HsG

    3/09 IUI with bravelle/menopur BFP!!!

    Due 11/26/09!

    I am a slow responder to meds, and then have a tendancy to overstimulate. 

    Our OBs anthem was to keep at it, but the RE looked at my ovaries once, and knew pcos. I am also insulin resistant.  Could we get pregnant on our own? Yes. It could also take YEARs for the timing, and all circumstances to be just right.

    Hang in there!

  • Basically when I was TTC with Harmon I was monitoring my cycle and noticing I wasn't O'ing.  The first doc I went too though thought I was nuts.  So I got myself a 2nd opinion... I didn't want to want to wait a year when it was obvious I just was not ovulating.

    So I went to the 2nd doctor who is well known in the city.  He immeadeatly ran a test month to see my levels and verfied I was all whacked out.  He than referred me to his collegue, and RE who put me on Clomid.  I got pregnant with Harmon on my 2nd cycle and pregnant with the twins on the 5th cycle.  We never have found out that I have anovulatory cycles.

    I'm sorry for everything you have gone through.  I don't blame you for not wanting to sit on your hands.  As I tell everyone who comes in here w/similar questions I truly do believe in 2nd opinions.  Doctors all have different insight and sometimes you just need someone who has a different perspective.  GL!

    Mom to Harmon 1/17/08 and twins Rachel & Callum 8/28/09 Photobucket 29o0v13.jpg
  • My story:

    -Married July 2004

    -DS born August 2005, no problems conceiving (TTC 5 cycles)

    -Began TTC#2 June 2007

    -After no success for one year, first RE appointment June 2008. No clear diagnosis, probable mild ovulation dysfunction. DH's SA is great, no issues. First step is clomid

    -BFP on 2nd Clomid (50 mg) cycle in October 2008, chemical pregnancy

    -BFP on break cycle after c/p in November 2008, miscarriage at 5-6 weeks

    -Spent 3 more months with old RE, did one injectables cycle unsuccessfully, one cycle of clomid unmonitored. Resulted in cysts. Forced break for 6 weeks.

    -MArch 2009: New RE. New protocol is Femara.

    -April & May: 2 rounds of Femara, unsuccessful

    -June-present: New protocol of Femara and IUI. 


  • Married in Oct 2005

    did not prevent after wedding

    suprise BFP July 2007 while waiting for insurance coverage

    DD born 2/2008

    have not prevented since her birth

    I have moderate/severe endo and it looks like DH has severe MFI.  We're in a holding pattern right now waiting for more test results to come back, but I have a feeling we will be going straight to IVF.

  • Married DH May 2005

    Off BCP July 2006

    BFP August 2006 (unexpectedly)

    DD born April 2007

    Back on BCP June 2007

    Off BCP July 2008

    BFP October 2008

    M/C late October 2008

    BFP December 2008

    M/C day after Christmas 2008

    BFP February 2009

    Found ectopic late Feb 2009. Got Methotrexate shot.

    Severe pain early March 2009. Right rtube ruptured, not repairable. Emergency laparoscopy to remove right tube.

    BFP May 2009. M/C one week later.

    Somewhere along the way they found that I was heterozygous MTHFR c677t (I'm told that's not that bad). Treating with 4mg folic acid, B6, B12 and baby aspirin. Started seeing RE June 2009. karotyping on me and DH came back normal. HSG July 2009 came back normal. Made the decision to quit trying for good. Met with RE and he thought that was premature. He's right. The plan going forward is to take progesterone starting on CD17 until period starts or BFP is attained. When we get another BFP we will be doing shots of heparin throughout the 1st trimester. It's good to know that even thought they can't find anything wrong with me per se that there are things we can do to increase the chances of success even though I've been told time and time again that since we have a healthy DD and the tests are all normal that it will just happen eventually.

  • Married - October 2005

    Threw away BC pills: January 2006

    Pregnant (surprise, not planned, we were going to wait another year): May 2006

    Stephanie was borm February 2007

    Back on BC pills:  April 2007

    Threw away BC pills to try for #2: November 2008

    Pregnant (surprise, not expecting it to happen so soon): December 2008

    M/C at 9 weeks, D&C - January 2009

    Given the go-ahead to try again - February 2009

    6 cycles so far and nothing! :o(  OB says to call at end of the summer (1 more cycle to go) if not pregnant. Not sure how to proceed with seeing specialist. I have no idea what is wrong with me.

    Gabrielle & Ed - Married 10.22.05
    Mommy to Stephanie Lena - 2.13.07 and Evan Ralph - 9.23.10
    Angel Baby (m/c at 9 weeks) - 1.2.09

    Christmas Card Picture - 2011
    (aka: the only picture I could get of them together that was not blurry and had them both sitting still!)

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    The Stephanie here to listen!

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  • DS was a complete surprise- DH and I weren't even married when I got pregnant with him. So, needing "help" to get pregnant wasn't what we were expecting the second time around. We actually got pregnant on our own, twice, but both pregnancies ended in m/c (one ruptured ectopic, where I lost my left tube, one missed m/c).

    After my 2nd m/c, my cycles became increasingly irregular, and I went to my OB to see what we could do about it- first they put me on Provera to "jump start" my cycle (utter waste of time!), then 50mg of Clomid which did nothing, but during that u/s, my Dr noticed that my ovaries looked very PCOSish, and ordered more bloodwork to confirm that diagnosis. They put me on Metformin after that 1st cycle didn't work.

    After 3 failed Clomid cycles with my OB, I ended up going to an RE for a second opinion b/c my OB wanted to put me on Clomid for more than 5 days- knowning what potent stuff it can be, I wanted another opinion. My RE decided just to start me earlier on Clomid, but also ran an RPL panel (for repeat pregnancy loss) which brought up two new issues- I'm compound heterozygous for MTHFR, and PAI-1, both of which can cause clotting issues. So, my RE put me on baby aspirin and Folbic to ensure I was getting enough folic acid to maintain a pregnancy.

    We got lucky that cycle b/c I finally ovulated on my right side, and wound up getting the BFP that is currently growing inside of me! My RE kept me on the Met through 1st tri, and also progesterone supplements, and I'll be stopping the baby aspirin at the end of 2nd tri, but continuing the folbic the entire pregnancy. I honestly think if I didn't go to the RE, this pgcy may very well have ended in m/c as well, b/c my OB has basically minimalized the MTHFR and PAI-1 issues- I continued to take my RE's advice on when to take my medications and ignored my OB.

    Sorry, that's long, but I tried to be succinct!

  • 1) Always had irregular cycles.  Jan 2007 OB gave me clomid 2x....nothing.

    2) May 2007 saw RE.  FOund out i have PCOS, polyps, and DH has awful awful sperm.  Less than 1% chance to get preggo on own.

    3) Went straight to IVF Sept 2007.  Overstimmed and unable to transfer anything.  We were lucky enough to have 5 embies to freeze.

    4) Dec. 2007 had Frozen Embryo Transfer and beautiful daughter was born August 2008.

    5) Gearing up for another FET in sept 2009 

  • LuckyHLuckyH
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    My story:

    Married January 2005 and started TTC right away

    May 2006 went to OB and said I needed help

    HSG normal and lap discovered mild endo

    DH's SA was not good.  He has low motility and 2% morphology

    October - December 2006 2 unsuccesful IUI's

    January 2007 referred to my RE

    Diagnosed with PCOS and 2nd HSG revealed a blocked right tube

    February 2007 started metformin and DH started Proxeed

    May 2007 50mg clomid with trigger and IUI - BFP!

    DD born January 2008

    We have not prevented since her birth and started actively trying again in January 2009.  Because of our age, we were referred back to the RE in April 2009.  DH back on Proxeed, but I thankfully do not have to be back on metformin.

    June 2009 50 mg clomid + trigger + IUI - BFN

    July 2009 50 mg clomid + trigger +IUI - 2ww beta 8/5/09

    imageimage imageimage m/c at 8w4d - 10/2/09 baby girl Ruth Elise
  • My story:

    12/04 - married DH
    9/06 - BFP w/ DS - First month of trying
    7/08 - started TTC #2

    next time AF shows up my OB will order blood work. I really don't know what will happen after that. I'm like many in the sense that this is so new to me and I never thought I'd have to deal with it. I'm glad I have this board to lurk on.



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  • Hi there! I'm new here, too.

    It took us 7 cycles (charting, OPKs, the works) for our first BFP. We carried the baby to 12.5 weeks and then m/c'd. I had to have a D&E. We waited one cycle to start trying again and got pregnant the very next cycle with my son. We were SHOCKED after how long it had taken for that first BFP. 

     My pregnancy, labor and delivery with my son was picture-perfect  and he's now a happy 2 year old (his 2nd b-day is next week!).

     We went off BCPs this past January and immediately noted my LPs were very short--generally 6-8 days. Has never been more than 8 days in the past 7 cycles. Because I'm 35, they sent me to the RE at 6 cycles with the documented short LP. DH and I just went through a bunch of testing and got our results today. Everything is fine with DH and so far things look "normal" with me as well, so there's no solid explanation for the super short LPs or why we're not pregnant yet. 

     HSG is now scheduled for August 12th. If that comes back clear, the RE will be starting me on Clomid to see if that helps us. 

     I'm sorry you're not getting any good answers.  Hope you get your BFP soon!

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