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Day care centers vs. in home day cares

Which do you use and why? any recs on either one?

Re: Day care centers vs. in home day cares

  • Carter goes to a really good center. I really like the stability of a center (ie no closing down when one person is sick.) and that he is in an area specifically designed for his age group. He has friends that he loves to spend time with that are his age and a teacher dedicated to development for his age group.

     I also love that my day care has online cameras so I can check in on him throughout the day. 

     If you PM me I'll give you the name of his center. I don't really want to broadcast it to the interwebz.

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  • I'm doing in home day care and love the flexibility as far as me being self employed.  She lets me pick days (I don't need 5 days a week) plus it feels more like a home.  Although my little one is too young to notice right now I think it will be neat that she will be close to all the other kids (there are only 5 including my daughter) plus it's always the same caregiver which means she knows her ins and outs and always notices when something is different with her.  The down side as pp said is that when her kids are sick the day care closes down so you need a dependable back up.
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  • Jennifer, how did you find your in home day care?
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