I've reviewed our FMLA policy and I know adopt is covered but do you guys know if FA is covered? I'm sure I could work something out with my employer but I'd really love those 12 weeks. If we do this I'd like to take 6-8 weeks at home, then the last few working part time. (Also a way to decide if I'd like to SAH or if I'd rather work part time)

Second, we planned on me being a SAHM but now that we're thinking about FA I don't know what the best choice is. Of course, I'd still love to be a SAHM but I'm a little worried if I stay at home, then the child is returned to his/her BP and we don't have another placement for awhile I'll be without a job aka stuff to do! Any ladies SAHM's? How did you feel about this?

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  • I'm a SAHM for our FA placements. I found a hobby to do when we don't have placements. Of course, the longest stretch was 2 months (1 month was time off by us) and it was during the Christmas holidays so I was busy anyway with that stuff. Being a SAHM has worked to our advantage during this last placement. We have an almost 2 year old and 3 year old that did not talk when they arrived 8 months ago. Now they talk more than anything. In fact that 2 year old has being considered to be done with ST because she has done so well. I like to attribute that to her being home with me all day and working with her constantly.
  • I was totally in your shoes.  With my first fost/adopt child, I decided not to be a SAHM just in case she leaves.  Thank god I didn't quit because after a year she was reunited, and I had about 6 months before I got another placement.  I could not imagine being jobless and childless for 6 months.  But everyone is different on what they can tolerate. 

    with FMLA, I was approved at my job for fost/adopt and I chose to take off 6 weeks. 

    I'm sooooo glad I didn't quit my job, I cannot stress that enough.  BUT I couldn't handle full time either with all the crazy requirements/appointments of fost/adopt.  I ended up giving notice to my work but they offered me a part time job that they previously said was impossible.  So now I have the best of both worlds.  I finally found the perfect balance.

    Wish you the best!

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