It's really getting to me now. We have been signed with our agency since September 2008 and due to age issues and them not having a place for us we didn't start the HS until May 09 --- 8 months since signing. Sad

All in all it's a good agency -- they have the sliding scale to where our adoption will only be $7000 .... and I hate complaining. But we've almost been with them a year already and are not even waiting yet.

Since they don't have a spot on the official list yet they are treating us as an independent adoption -- but we've been scared to really look into private adoptions due to the risk factor. (If we were to find someone to do an independent adoption with and them decide to parent we would have no money left to go ahead with the agency ... and our agency is the best option.)

With our agency if a placement falls through you never get charged again -- they just put your profile back into the mix. So you KNOW you will get a baby and this is what it will cost. Who could ask for more, right?

It's just our wait got drawn out due to the agency not being totally up front about everything -- and maybe that's due to me not asking the right questions. 

Sigh .....

Re: Impatient

  • So what's the hold up NOW? I'd stay on them and perhaps you could looking (even if not actively) into other agencies?

    I'm sorry that you're so stressed out ((HUG))

  • Well they say only 4 couples per region can be on the actively waiting list and we are waiting on 1 of the 4 in our region to get placement and move us up.

    Last week our SW said that a couple who has been waiting over a year got a match and if all went well was SUPPOSED to get a placement this past weekend. I went ahead and emailed my SW last night but she didn't respond just yet.

    I also asked (last wk) and made sure that we were next in line and she said she would have to check with the director but she thought we were. WELL I have proof that the director said we were NEXT. I had wrote an email in March once I had reached the age requirement and I still have the email that says we are next. So they better not come around and tell me something different.

     Plus due to the old ticket my DH had not fully paid off --- he had that warrant issued about 5-6 years ago and that came up on his fingerprints. (We got that all cleared up the same time it happened)

    So, we got to wait until DH gets off the boat and can sign the paper to request the detailed explanation for our HS report. (We'll be going in on Friday)

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