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Needing a Columbia playgroup/Mom group!

Ok - so we moved to Columbia last summer and DS was born in November. Started to make some friends after the birth, but last month my two mommy-friends moved out of state one after the other! Ack!

Anyone interested in a playgroup/mom group, or have one going? Post or PM me if you're interested - I'm getting a bit stir-crazy here!

Re: Needing a Columbia playgroup/Mom group!

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    Sorry I'm not in Columbia, but what about the M.O.M.S Club?   There are different chapters everywhere.  I'm sure there is one in your area.   Look up the website and then it lets you narrow it down by location and then it tells you who is charge of the group in your area.  

    Oh but the only thing is they only let SAHMs or Part time workers join.  I'm not sure if you went back to work after the baby was born. 

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