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Hi, my name is Annie and I am a mother of 2 and my husband and I are expecting child number 3. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hello.

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  • Hi! ?I'm new here too. ?Congratulations on the new pg :) ?You are just a few days ahead of me. ?Have you had your first appt yet?
  • THANKS!!! Ha that's kool....I had my first dating altra sound and I was a little pea size baby with a very strong heart beat....that was very exciting. But my "officail" 1st appt isn't until the 24th og husband is in the military and well lets just say Balboa hospital is always full and that is the earliest appt they have avail.
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  • Hi Annie,


    Welcome! Looks like we have the same EDD! My husband is also in the military.  Congrats on the pregnancy! 

  • Welcome!

    My husband is also military, and I feel your pain with the Balboa Hospital! 

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  • Hello! Welcome!
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  • Thanks...what branch of service is your husband in?? husband is in the Navy and he will be going on deployment soon...but at least he'll be back in time for the birth of our baby..(I hope)!

  • Thanks...awww u just had your baby...sweet!!! Anyway thanks for making me feel welcomed everyone
  • Hi Annie I'm Sheena..Welcome to the site even though I'm fairly new myself.. Husband and I are expecting our first baby! He's in the Navy as well.. I would love to meet more Navyyy Wife's in the area with kids or who are expecting :) But yeahh def feel you on the Balboa hospital thing.. They sent me over to Point Loma and I've been going there for appointments so it's going to be weird when I have to go somewhere completly different to deliver.. Oh well thats the military for you..Haha well hope to get to know you some more :)
  • Husband is also in the Navy at the Amphibious base on Coronado.  Hopefully you have some great Navy wives to help get you through your pregnancy when your husband is gone. The Bump boards will help too! Great to meet you!
  • Hi Sheena, thanks and Congrats on your first!!!! That's husband is based on 32nd st. I am not from California, I am from Miami, Fl and so I don't know very many people here. It would be nice to meet other Navy Wives. Wow...they asked me if I wanted to go over to NTC, Coronado, or MCAS but I told them no only because I felt like it was futher than Balboa. But your almost your super excited!! I can't imagine going on place for prenatal care and then going some where else with unfamiliar faces but I am sure all will be well! It was nice meeting the way love the screen name haha!! Take care!
  • Aw thanks for the congrats! Lol anyways thats cool what ship is yoru husband from? That sucks being so far away my family is in San Diego and I met my husband when he was already here.. He's actually from Penn. so when his 4 years are done here we'll be going to the east coast.. And back and forth till his 20 years is finally done.. Eek its going to be hard but we'll manage.. Thats so weird that they asked if you wanted to go to Coronado my original doctor is in Coronado but they told me Miramar or Point Loma.. Which is crappy but whatever can't do much about now.. All I know is whenever we decide to have another I'm going to a civilian doctor.. Hahah Anyways hope to get to know you some more!! I def am super excited that we're getting close but I just want it to be over with already!! Talk to you soon!
  • Your welcome....he's on the USS Pickney it's a destroyer. I think you'll like the East Coast....def diff from Cali haha but I still think you'll like it! 20 years...he's going for the long hall...which is husband is not sure if he's going to stay or get out...if he does stay I would like to go back to the east coast..Jacksonville, FL to be exact..only 6 hr drive from Miami...but if he gets out we'll be staying here, I won't know until it's time for him to make that choice.

    Yeah, when it comes down to it we really can't do anything about it...yes, Lord knows I agree with you on's so much easier to deal with civilan doctors...but I won't be having anymore kids hahaha 3 is more than enough for me so good luck with that LOL!!! Well, in a few more months you meet your bundle of joy and it will be worth everything you have gone through in the past 40 wks :0)!!! K.I.T. and take care!

  • Hi Annie!  I am also a military spouse.  I am also former Navy and married a Marine Pilot.  This is my first pregnancy.  Is your husband's ship part of USS Bonhomme-Richard group that is deploying sometime in Sept-Oct?  If so my husband is attached to the MEU that is deploying at that time too.  I know how you feel about the east coast my husband and I would like to get stationed back east where most of our families are from but needs of Navy/Marine Corps.

      Anyhow I hope everything proceeds smoothly for you and your new little one.


  • Hi Lydia, My husband actually left already. He's part of the Nimitz battle group. Yeah, i miss the east coast a lot. By the way Congrats on your fist! I hope all is going well for you. It was nice meeting you! Take care.

  • oh i like it on the east coast we've gone back to pa a couple times and i just love the people only thing i dont agree with is the weather! lol i hate it im so used to san diego weather it kills me to be over there went we went it was rainy and humid and bleeh not my scene haha other then that i love it.. and yeah we talked about the 20 years especially since we're going to be starting a family already we figure its the smart way to go especially since he doesn't plan on going back to school.. how many more eyars does your hubby have before you guys decide what you need to do??

    yeah ive never dealt with civilian doctors my dad was in the navy as well so ive always been with  military doctors! im sure im in for a suprise.. hahah but we shall see.. and yeah i know.. less then 10 weeks left.. i cannot wait!!

  • Yeah Sheena, there is a big diff in the weather so thats the main thing you'll have to adjust to! My husband has until Oct 2011 to make a choice but his mom is not feeling well...she's up in age and she's getting to the point where she won't be able to work anymore because of health issues, so we've talk about her living with us and if she does end up living with us it will be around the time our baby is due so he said that he would stay in depending on his moms situation. Anyway, I hope all is well with you and baby!! Make sure you K.I.T....and take care!


  • aw im really sorry to hear that hun!! but i hope everything works out for all of you! anyways i got my 4d ultrasound last week.. he was measuring to be due around sept 29th so who knows he might come early! my midwife hasn't changed my due date though so i don't want to get too excited about it.. haha he's a pretty chubby lil man and he's already 5 lbs 4 oz accroding to the u/s so can't wait to see what he weighs at birth! lol midwife told me id be having a big big so it wasn't too suprising.. he's super cute though and it just made me ever more excited!! how's the pregnancy going for you?? seems like everyone is getting pregnant!!  haha just found out a couple people i know are preggo too!
  • SWEET!!!! I know u were happy to see your baby boy!!!!! Awww I hope I have a boy! But who knows with our luck it will be another girl hahaha...Wow your due soon! I love rolley polley babies hahaha! I am guessing he's gonna be a 7 pounder. That's a good size anything bigger than that would make me nervous hahahaha! Did you have your baby shower already?? Did you get everything you need?? Shopping the best part of having a little one. Well, I know that you'll be a great mom make sure you let me know when you have him!

    I am doing ok!! Growing to only be 10 wks! Thanks for asking! Yeah, I would say there is something in the water so don't drink to much of it LOL. Well, I have a myspace and a last name is Shelton if you have either one send me a friend request! Take care and keep me updated!

  • ugh i always seem to forget about this site... lol i have a fricken facebook/myspace & cafemom as well and keep forgetting i signed up for this.. plus not much action seems to go on this site!

     anyways yeah i was def happy to see him hehe do you know whwen you find out what you're having?? and i guess we'll just see how big he is either way im just happy that he is healthy and growing! and yeah i had my baby shower this past weekend i got a ton of clothes and blankets and stuff i still need a lot of my essentials like bath, diapers, bottles, pump etc.. but ill probably do some shopping today haha i looooove shopping! lil boy is so spoiled already.. hah im going to be so bad.. cause i whenever i shop i used to always try to find something for my hubby now im always looking at stuff for hubby & baby.. gosh i need to think of myself sometimes lol

     and thats awesome yayy first trimester is almost over.. i want my last to be over with arleady im way toooo excited and just want to meet my lil man.. i just found out this weekend too that another one of my cousins is pregnant so yeah def something in the water out here!! haha :) ill try to find you on myspace or facebook later today i have to get to work!

  • Hey Shenna, well I had my first apt yesterday and all went well. My baby is growing! The doc said that the baby moves a lot. I won't find out what I'm having  until I'm anywhere between 18-20wks. He said that when I have my next apt next month he'll set that apt up then. My girls are super excited..well maybe just the oldest. My youngest was kinda like yeah whatever LOL. But all is well and we're blessed! WOO HOO to being almost out of 1st trimester..the closer I get to my 3rd trimester the sooner the hubby comes home!

    How are you and baby doing?!?!...I hope all is well. You still have time to get that stuff! Yes, shopping def won't be about you anymore hahaha! it's gonna be all about the baby...which is ok! Anyway, take care and I'll TTYL!

  • Aw thats really awesome.. i tried to find you on myspace/facebook had no luck maybe you can find me under "Sheena Craig"! Hahah like I said I always forget about this site :)

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