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I just wanted to introduce myself.  I have been bouncing around to different boards and decided that I should probably chat with local people instead.  My DH and I got married 3 years ago this coming August and have been together for 7 years.  We just bought a house and we want to TTC in the very near future.  We have been talking about having a baby for a long time now.  There's one problem...we will definitely both need to work.  Does anyone have any idea what is a normal price for child care or for a nanny in the area?  We live about an hour west of Boston.  We are not loaded, obviously, and so money is an issue.  TIA for any information!  Big Smile

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  • Where exactly are you?  I live in Ashland, on the Framingham line, but my son is in a home day care in Sudbury.  I have seen home day care prices from $50- almost $100 per day.  I called one nanny recently and she gets $16 an hour!  I am not so sure about centers though.  Hope this helped a little bit.
  • We live in Leominster.  DH works in Watertown and I work in Burlington.  I've seen part time in home day care for $175/week which is doable but I was wondering if there were any other options out there. 
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