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I am wondering everyone else's thoughts are on the Birthing classes.  I have heard that they arent really worth it.  Have any of you already taken them?  Did you get much out of it?
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Re: Birthing Class

  • I took one at Newton Wellesley and I found it very interesting. I learned a ton and it was really good for my husband too. They talked to the husbands about how to be a good labor coach, massage techniques, etc. They also explained epidurals, how they work exactly...and other methods of pain relief. There wasn't any embarrassing lamaze stuff. Our teacher said that basically you're not going to forget to breathe. I was glad about that.

    I would definitely recommend you take a birthing class. I felt so much more prepared when I went into labor...less anxiety about what to expect. 

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  • I just took a class at Newton Wellesley and highly recommend it. It was very interesting and helpful!
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  • We took the class at Newton Wellesley and found it not very useful at all.  I admit this was six years ago.  We did the two-day class and 3 out of 10 couples did not return for day two.  When I checked into it again, three years later it was still taught by the same woman. Dull.  Though our insurance covered about 80% of the cost... it wasn't worth it.  You can get all the same information from a book.  And, I would say it "just barely" glossed over epitdurals etc. As a matter of fact, the teacher "mentioned" a lot of things that might happen.  But really didn't get specific.  There was a fairly graphic birth video (really old).  It probably had some value in terms of getting Dad's prepared.  But, the whole class was disappointing.  

  • I took an Infant Care class at NWH and I thought it was pretty useful, especially for DH.

    We also took a private HypnoBirthing class, and it was extremely helpful, informative and effective. Let me know if you want a recommendation!

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  • I finished up my classes last week and other than 1 specific session of the 6 you go to, I found it to be a HUGE waste of money.  That session made it worth it to us, because they had a pediatrician come in from a practice that my husband and I were already looking in to, and we decided after talking with her, reading over her bio and listening to her during the class, she was the doctor for us.  IF she hadn't been there, in my mind, it would not have been worth taking the class at all.
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