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Let's talk essential oils.  I just got back from farmer's market and I bought lavendar.  I already have peppermint and tea tree.  I think they are awesome but what do you use them for?  I currently only use them to make things smell pretty. 

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    Well...lavender is what most people refer to as the Universal Oil because it can be used for just about anything.  It's a great first aid oil and helps heal skin, bumps, bruising and reduces pain.  It also can help you relax and is especially helpful in stressful situations.  It is also a very strong antibacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial and anti-viral agent.  Lavender is one oil that it really makes sense to have a good therapeutic grade oil on hand. 

    Here is some more info on each of the oils you asked about.  If you have any other questions page me and I can answer more in depth.



    Tea Tree

    Oh...and Tea Tree is the one oil I don't spurge on.  I haven't found a need to yet and find that the cheaper version has worked just as well for me.  The other two I spend the $$ on because I can really tell the difference.


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    Lavender is also really good on blisters.
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