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We receive a lot of questions about what adoption costs.

Fees vary considerably and take into account many factors: domestic adoption, international adoption (generally more travel expenses), foster adopt (generally less adoption related expenses), will you pay for living expenses for birth mother, will you pay for all medical fees or did medicaid or other insurance cover cover, attorney fees, counseling service fees, advertising fees, general travel fees, and so forth.

Most likely ... if you see fees in the lower range those relate to FA or other state program adoption. Most likely ... if you see fees in the highest ranges these are a result of one or more failed matches or extensive travel/stay in a foreign country.

For newbies and the like I want to be very clear: birth parents do not financially profit from adoption, adoptive parents do not financially profit from adoption, agencies do not pocket the entire amount that is paid - often times the agency makes 25% or less of the over all fees.

There is no cost for a child. No price tag for a child. These fees cover the services that are required in order for an adoption to be completed in the best interest of the child - including legal fees required to finalize.

Okay now that I have tried to cover all the PC bases ....


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