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I love the name Ania.  DH didn't like it because he didn't want some guy going up to our daughter and saying "Hey Ania, I want to get on ya."  Men!  How do they come up with these scenarios.  I am not preggo, just like thinking about names. I am happy with my DS right now.  Anyway do you like Ania Joyce?  Middle name after my grandma who passed.

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  • EXL311EXL311 member
    I've thought about this before because one of our girl names is Anastasia which could have the nickname Anya.  I would pick another nickname just because of the "on ya" reference.  It's up to you though but I would spell it Anya because Ania looks like uh-knee-uh.
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  • I love the name Anya.  So pretty.  But spell it with a Y.
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  • imageDesmond&MollyJones:
    I love the name Anya.  So pretty.  But spell it with a Y.

    The reason the spelling would be Ania is because it's polish and my DH is polish and would like a polish name if possible and this is one name I can compromise on. :)

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    it's alright, i've heard worse...
  • I don't know how to pronounce it. I would assume Uh-knee-ah. I don't like it-sorry.
  • I love the name Anya, but I guarantee you that if you spell it Ania, people will be pronouncing it uh-knee-uh all her life. Only because of that, I would not use it.
  • I think it's pretty, but I didn't know how to pronounce it until I read the responses & saw the Anya spelling.  For that reason, I would either spell it Anya or not use it.

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  • I like Anya.  My DH is from Russia, so I would like to go with a Russian-ish name that goes with our very Russian last name, and Anna/Anya are on my list.

    To PP about Anastasia:  Nastya is also a nickname.  This name I like a lot too.

  • I'd still go with Anya - It still has polish heritage, but will be spelled in a way that Americans will get.
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  • Is it suppose to be pronouced like Anya? I am only guessing that from the quote of why your husband doesn't like it.

    If so, spelling Ania is setting her up for a lifetime of mispronounciation.  the 'ia' would cause most people to say it as ann-ee-ah.  Like Julia but with the 'ann' sound at the beginning.

    I do understand wanting to have a polish name but I would balance that with the pronounciation.   Spelling it Anya still respects her ancestry.

  • I would have had no clue how to pronounce it....




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