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2nd Trimester

Hard Boiled Eggs Craving!?!?!

The last few hours all i want is hard boiled eggs with salt and pepper, any one else have this crazy craving?

Re: Hard Boiled Eggs Craving!?!?!

  • mmm it's not crazy at all, your body is craving protein. I crave them several times a week sooooo tasty
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  • Not me.  I could go for some mac and cheese though.
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  • I crave eggs a lot, and protein-rich items in general. Eat them!
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  • I frequently think about how much I'd love some deviled eggs. Stick out tongue But I don't feel like waiting for the eggs to hard boil.. I wish DH wouldn't mind making them for me but I don't bother to ask because he has never made them and I might not like how he does it Wink
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  • Nope, sorry I can't handle the egg burps after eating them.
  • Not hard boiled, but I've been seriously craving egg salad sandwiches...and I don't even like eggs.
  • It's definitely the protein you're craving--I say eat them!  I've had a taste for lobster tail smoothered in a garlic butter sauce....DH made me promise I wouldn't go to red lobster when he left for work :-)
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  • I do now!  I love eggs.
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  • I've been craving them for the last 2-3 weeks.  I started boiling 5 of them on Sunday's so I can take one to work with me everyday.  It's a great mid-morning snack!!

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  • YUCK!  I don't really care for plain hard boiled eggs but I could go for some deviled eggs.  Big Smile
  • Yes! I've been having hard boiled eggs for weeks now.  I slice them up, put them on toast slathered with mayonaise and sprinkled with an ample amount of salt.  Yum!!

  • I don't crave the eggs but the slathered mayo is another story!





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  • Not recently (although I do enjoy them when I have them), but during 1st tri I craved them like crazy for about 2 weeks. ?They actually settled my queasy stomach. ?Mmmm!!!
  • Now I am!  Hah.  I like to put hot sauce on my hard boiled or scrambled eggs.  They also have vitamin D and Choline.

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  • I had the same craving a few weeks ago!! I hardboiled a dozen eggs at 10pm!
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