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PIP: P's first haircut (finally).

Well it was a few weeks ago, but here they are.  He did perfectly.  Sat on my lap and watched videos of himself on my cell.  Looks like a big boy now, but the curls are still there!

imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic

imageImage and video hosting by TinyPic

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Re: PIP: P's first haircut (finally).

  • Oh my goodness!  He did do perfectly.  Such a well behaved little boy.
  • LOL I know.  I really was expecting a complete meltdown!
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  • It looks like he has been doing that his whole life.  Complete with entertainment.
  • So how have you been?  We MUST get together soon.  We have been chatting way too long never to have met in person!

    How was your weekend?

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  • Eh, like I said, I have been ok.  Super busy at work.  D upset me a bit today about some family stuff.  Just ready for things to be back to normal and less stressful.

    My weekend was ok.  We had some friends over for a wii-b-q.  Had a blast. 

    What did you guys do?

  • Yesterday we spent the day grilling at T grandparents' home.  Met up later that night with a few friends.  Today was church and my nephew's b-day party. 
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