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Hey Lovely Ladies,

 We are working on our profile book-and I was going to do it in digitial scrapbook form.  Do you have any sites you would recommend? 

 Also, our social worker gave us an "idea" that I thought was kind of "odd."  She has 3 letters of reference that she thought we should incorporate some way into our book.  She said the 3 letters are extremely heartfealt and sincere and really speak a lot about DH and I (mind you-we've only seen 1 of the 3.)  She gave us several profile book samples to look through and none of them included reference letters.  What would you do?


Re: Profile Book Question

  • I have checked out a few scrapbook sites, but have not made any purchases, so I can't really recommend one. 

    I think it would be really nice to include maybe one of the ref letters, 3 would seem like too much to me...

     Good luck and have fun!

  • I am also working on my book.  It seems hard to me.  I am not having a lot of fun. Maybe I am overthinking it. How are you doing with it?
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  • We have letters (some short, some long) from family and friends in our book.  If you'd like to see it, sent me a note at mrsb2007 at gmail dot com.
  • Can I see your book as well?  My email is nicole dot nicholas at

    Thank you, 


  • Ours was 14 pages.  First page was the cover with a pic of us and our first names. Next page was the "dear birthparent" letter. Next was about us as a couple. Next page was pics of us, our house and neighborhood pics (parks and such).  next was DH's page about me in his words and then pics of me as a kid and thru the years.  Next page was my words about him and then pics of him as a kid and thru the years.  Then we did a "fur babies" page with a few pics of them.  Then pics of extended family, close friends, our home......

    Then we did a favorites page in column style with DH column and then mine.  Favorites such as favorite movie, book, food, car, fruit, candy, tv show, blah blah blah.  This was Khloe's birthmom's favorite part because she and I had many of the same favorites.  After spending three days with her when Khloe was born we really got to know her and she and I were alike in many ways.  Kind of freaky almost.  ;)

      I did not go out and buy any scrapbooking programs I just used Microsoft Digital Image Suite which had came with my computer I had at the time. 

     Since we are in the process of waiting for number 2's arrival we just used the same book but edited for updates since Khloe is a part of our family now and our house we live in now is different since at the time it was under construction then.  There is a page about her and the journey to her and some pics and the favorites page also included a Khloe column. 

    Try not to stress about it and make it fun and most importantly just be yourself.  :) 

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  • Nicole - YGM!  Let me know if you don't receive it!
  • And for those of you considering different sites, I was VERY impressed with the quality of Picaboo.  We ordered both the 8x10 linen cover and the smaller 5x7 soft cover and they both were wonderful quality.  (We kept an extra 5x7 for the baby's memory box.)
  • Mrs B can you email a copy of it to me: erin62406 at yahoo dot com


  • i have heard wonderful things about Picaboo and i have also used

    They were fabulous as well.  

  • HIGHLY reccommend That's where I made ours and the agency has raved about it. Tons of background options (they have more every day) and all kinds of embellishments and frames. Super-easy to use (basically click and drag. All you gotta do is come up with a theme and layout.

     Hope this helps,



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