boy! Selecting photos are hard

We started organizing photos the past couple of days into a new iphoto album. It is so hard to select. We have so many, but then just as many where we have shades on, or alcohol is included in the photos. We were told to steer clear of those.

I do have one question though. I really love a recent photo of us for our cover photo. It really is totally "us." A friend also going through adoption suggests against using it because it will look like we are hiding something.

What are your thoughts? I disagree because of the photo in general, but i would love some guidance. 


::edit:: OK.. java hasn't set in, sorry about my grammar in the post title! eek! 

Re: boy! Selecting photos are hard

  • Hiding something? can you show us the photo?
  • imageRJMbim:
    Hiding something? can you show us the photo?


    i know! Jeesch, if i am going through a home study process, i am surely not hiding anything. 

    Let me grab the photo and upload. I really like it. 

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  • imageRJMbim:
    Hiding something? can you show us the photo?

    Here is the photo:


  • I agree, the photo picking process was a bit difficult. I was surprised by how many of our photos show us wearing sunglasses. 

    I certainly don't think you look like you're hiding anything in that photo! It's such a cute one and I think I would use it in your book, but maybe not the cover. You might want to think about the cover photo showing off both of your beautiful faces full on. :)

    We had picked out one photo for our "main" shot and our agency encouraged us to use another one. In the end, we decided to use their experience and trust their judgement.

    You two really are just adorable and look like so much fun! 

  • imagefredalina:
    i think it's sweet!  i'm not sure why there's a proscription against sunglasses, but i'd probably ask the social worker.

    thanks! =)

    I am going to ask too - and the agency will review all text and photos beforehand.

    I think my friend thought because you can't see our eyes, it looked as if we are hiding something. 

  • stephanie - thank you for your compliments!

    Ultimately, i know we need to trust in the agency. I just have.... shall we say.... obsessed when it comes to my designs. I am a designer, and so the creating the profile is so fun to me. However, it is ironic how even though i am the client designing for myself, i need to listen to their advice too. ( i don't like giving up power) he he he 

  • Rats! I love that photo! I would try to use it as long as the agency agrees!
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  • I think it's a super cute photo but maybe not just right for the cover b/c of the shades.  Could you maybe use it on the closing page?  Just a thought...
  • imagejewele803:
    Could you maybe use it on the closing page?  Just a thought...


    good thought too!  

  • imagejewele803:
    Could you maybe use it on the closing page?  Just a thought...

     Oooo... love this idea!  

  • So cute!!  Personally, I think the "shades" thing is a bit outdated....not just for adoption.  It screams of an era where no one wore sunglasses.  I'd never look at a pic and think someone in sunglasses was shady (sorry for the pun!).

    That said, we are in the process of changing out our photos per case worker's suggestion.  The "problem" with our cover photo?  We are both in black.  Who knew?!

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  • <delurking> I think you two look adorable in the picture! That said, I can't read all of DH's shirt and from the letters I can read it looks a bit like the end of a profanity: ****ers or less harmless, but still not warm & fuzzy, "suckers".  I am sure it really is something harmless, but at first glance it caught my eye. (Oh and remind me that DH should never wear his Venom energy drink shirt that says  "Bite Me" in any pictures, LOL!)

  • Lady - I love that picture!  I think it would be adorable for another page in your book -- maybe the "About Us" or "Fun things we like to do together page" -- or even the closing page.  Your cover shot should be something that is more focused on your faces and maybe more posed/formal.


    Silliest - In our cover photo we're wearing black -- that seems silly to me!

  • thanks girls for your input! I appreciate it.

    pixie - it says 'hackers' at the end. MH is a security engineer and does ethical hacking as part of his job. I wouldn't have even thought about that!

    mrsB2007 & silliest - and who would have thought all black was an issue? See... so much to think about! 

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