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In Home Daycare

Does anyone use any in home sitters?  I'm really hoping to find someone that is okay with me just giving a days notice or maybe letting me set some kind of part time schedule like Monday mornings Wednesday afternoons and Fridays for a couple of hours or something (doesn't have to be those days/time but just an example.)  I really don't need full time day care at all.  I just need a way that I can have a few hours every week to meet with clients and someone that is okay with occational schedule changes (with advance notice of course).  Does anyone know anyone that would be interested in something like that?  Maybe a stay at home mom looking to make a little extra money? 

Re: In Home Daycare

  • I don't know what kind of schedule you are looking for, but if you need someone to baby sit once in a while to help you out, feel free to email me...

     Nuge417 at yahoo dot com

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  • My BFF of 15+ years has an in-home daycare. We have used her on a drop-in basis when DS center was closed for plumbing repairs, etc. and DS loved it there. You can email me at ladybug1620 at if you want her info.
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