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Making bedding...

Is anyone making their own crib bedding?  I haven't fallen in love with any bedding under $600.  *Rant: Which is ridiculous b/c it's going to have spit up, pee, and poo on it!*

Does anyone know of some easier patterns?  Any suggestions?

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  • M.AmyM.Amy member

    I made my own valance and bedskirt (see photos in the jungle themed posting way below). I do not sew regularly (I have not pulled out my sewing machine in three years) but they only took me three nights worth of work total since everything was straight lines.

    For the bedskirt I used a thin crib mattress pad as my base and then just sewed the fabric around that. I did box pleats on the corners to hide the seams but I could have just gathered the fabric (the wood slats of the crib hide the corners anyway). 

    I didn't do a traditional bumper but purchased a breathable one for safety.





  • McCall's makes some easy patterns...I'm using a combination of M4855 and M5285. Hope that helps :)
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  • I made my own bedding because I couldn't find anything I loved either.  I recomend buying a bumper off ebay or clearance and using it as your form. I found a PBK bumper brand new on ebay for 12.00 including shipping. I couldn't have made the form for that much and it really made the bumper look custom not homemade. 
  • I am currently making my baby bedding. ?I found at JoAnn's craft store they sell a Nu Foam bumper kit. ?It has the foam inserts for the bumper and comes with very simple instructions. ?

    It was 26 dollars for the kit, but they offer 40% off coupons very often.


    For the skirt, I just google searched for patterns for cribs skirts.


    Here is a link for the bumper kit, in case you don't have a Joann's near you...

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