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What are your kids up to?

This has been a huge growing week for Max! He broke a third tooth and has 3 more waiting to POP! He learned to crawl, EVERYWHERE, lol....everytime I turn around he is someplace else! Due to all the movement he also upped his food intake, jumping to 2 jars of food for dinner and trying out some more solid foods. He LOVES the pool and forever has a smile on his face, just a true delight!

Alex got to go bowling for this first time this week. NEVER imagined a kid could get so excited over knocking down ONE bowling pin, but he did, and to him, it was the greatest thing ever! And to me it was just an awesome feeling to see him so excited and proud of himself! He's a master swimmer now, and is trying out coming up for air in between swims and is learning to tread water as well. He's one of the most pleasant and polite 3 year old I have ever been around.

I love my kids more than anything in the world, and just cannot imagine my life without them. Kids are a real blessing and I just cherish all of our moments together so much!!!!

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Re: What are your kids up to?

  • Awww!  That does sounds like a great week. 

    Good post.  We do need to be reminded sometimes to enjoy what's going on right now.  Things can get so crazy.

    Andrew can get himself in and out of a sitting position now.  He's been working on that for a while.  He's also been practicing waving bye bye.  But he only does it with his arm down.  So he's waving at the floor.  So cute!

    I love how he lights up when I enter the room.  It really does melt your heart.  Watching DH enjoy playing with him is wonderful too.

    And makes me want to have another baby!  LOL


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  • YAY! I love posts like this =]

    Don't kids make you feel better about everything else?!?! 

     Charlotte had a runny nose this week, and a little cough, but she is feeling much better now, after a day of baby cold meds and the handy dandy humidifier. Thank God!  She went to school today and her teacher was off on vacation, but when she saw the sub, she said to me, "Ms. Keri is sick like my daddy", * side note: DH is sick also...to which I responded yes (because how can I explain to my two year old who just got used to school and her teacher, that she needs to spend the day with a sub who she is not familiar with, because her teacher was on vacation until tomorrow lol)  she then said, "we need to get them medicine to make them feel better, like me" =D i love HER!!!!

    She loves her school and I love bringing home her art work. Today she had a team sports class, and preschool musical, which is a sing-song class that she and her five class mates attend =] 

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  • Love this post too!  Chelsea is over baby food - she eats what we eat!  Her favorite foods are rice & beans, bananas, and pancakes.  I don't know how she does it with only two teeth - but she does!  She is walking holding unto furniture but this weekend I walked with her holding only one hand - her face lit up!  She was so happy, giggling, and proud of herself to be "walking" next to mommy.  It was the cutest thing! 

    My Eli is doing great in soccer camp!  He loves it and practices his kicks at home from time to time.  No worries - he hasn't kicked his baby sister (yet).  He is also learning Spanish at school and I was very impressed when he asked,"Mommy, quiero agua por favor."  MH and I just looked at each other in amazement.  We don't speak enough Spanish at home with the kids.

    I took a sneak peak of Baby U today.  All is well and has a strong heartbeat - that I could see!  YEAH!  Explained to Eli that he is going to have another baby brother or sister - and he was very happy.  But then he said, "Not TOO many babies mommy.  OK?!" 

    Kids are a blessing - and we should celebrate these moments more often! 


  • What a great post!! It is so true how these little events in our children's lives are more important than anything else that could be happening. we truly are blessed!!

    Joshua still has no teeth lol! And he's been teething for what seems like forever. Gums are swollen but no sign of white. He is the dale earnhardt of scooters...can scoot himself off his mat in like 5 seconds. rocks when in crawling position and then falls flat on belly and goes off to scooting. He gets up to standing from sitting in his crib and tries to while on his mat holding on to his play keyboard, mirror, or whatever else will help him stand (even me if I am sitting with him on that mat).He can't sit still...super hyper and happy and wonderful!!  Says dada constantly and "talks" to everything, alive or inanimate.

    He is an absolute joy!!

  • Great post! :)

    This past month's sleep crisis has come hand in hand with some big jumps for L. He is talking my ears off in semi-complete "sentences" (mixed sometimes with his own baby talk of course) but it's the best. THis morning, he tells the dogs: oh no, wow-wow, das mama (they were getting next to the air bed). LOL. He can ALMOST count. He goes, in order, two, five, six, eight, nine, ten! He JUST started doing that! He's now back to sleeping through the night with sometimes just one waking that gets quickly quieted with a soft calling from me. No more rocking needed, no more staying in his room until he falls asleep. Yay! I still have the air bed out but it's out in the middle of the hall way close to our room, and I'm not sleeping in it. It's just for show for a few more nights and then we'll try w/it gone. He's also climbing on everything! And he loves books and musical instruments, especially pianos and guitars. We got him a play guitar and he lugs it around everywhere, holding it and moving his head to the rhythm. He LOVES Go Diego Go (which will be his 2nd bday party theme) and he's constantly saying Go-Guy! He's got a bundle of energy and he's so loving! He'll come up to us out of the blue and start giving us kisses and hugs. It's the best! He really is the best thing in the world. :)

    Oh, and he finally got his MMR shot on Mon and we're just hoping he doesn't react to it much (didn't w/other vaccines). It's still a little scary with all the controversy out there, but we felt that now was the best time since a) he's older, b) I'm home, c) it's not combined with any other shots and is spaced out several months. Just wish there were a 100% fool proof way to protect them from diseases that didn't involve controversy....

  • Liev has cut his 2nd tooth and the first one seems to be coming along fine.   He's slowly increasing the time he stands without support and doing it more often.  My mom says he took one single step on his own the other day but I did not see him.

    He's been waking up at night in the last few days, probably from teething.  I'm tired and sleepy.

  • Zoe is starting to walk and talk! She has about 7 words and is starting to take steps unassisted if i coax her! hopefully she'll start doing it on her own soon.
  • Aww what a great post this was!! It's amazing how quickly kids grow!!
  • Spencer is teething like crazy, but no teeth yet.  He started swimming lessons (see video in blog) recently and it truly enjoying it (when we can actually go, they've been cancelled quite a few times due to rain).  He's babbling non-stop and loves to entertain himself with his toys (which he now has a few in his crib).  He loves music, and I think he jams along with it!  He's growing like crazy, I thought he was in 12 months, but that is only carter's clothing.  Everything else is 6-9.  He's the best thing that ever happened to us, and was so worth the wait!

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  • I love these. :) Mommies need a free pass to gush about their kids every now and then. Right now Sophia seems to have caught what I have - which makes her the last person in my house to get the flu within the last week. She is at the doctor with her father since I had him take her straight there from daycare. It hurts me to not be there! Responding to this post is just the distraction I need.

    I just love my kid. She is so amazing and sassy and smart that every day something new makes me and Abel just stop and appreciate her. She is speaking in full 4-5 work sentences. Sometimes more. I asked her yesterday if she wanted to brush her teeth and she said, "yes, I brush my teeth now, mama." The now got to me because she is more and more getting the concepts like that. She had been fighting us at bedtime for a few nights - especially given that I have been sick and Abel has been putting her in her crib. Last night she stood up as soon as he put her down and he thought she was going to yell but instead she reached for the blanket that I had draped over the rail, layed down again, and covered herself. Then she said, "night night".

    I don't think I am ever going to stop being amazed by this little person Abel and I created. Its nice to know that I am alone in my amazement as a mommy. :)

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  • Yay for posts like these. Mikey is quite the character. My MIL took his pull telephone and made the cord longer so now he pulls it by the phone piece around the house and makes phone calls. It's hilarious to watch because he starts his conversations with Hmmmm

    Even though he talks a lot there is a lot that is still babble to us but man does he have conversations! When he is able to figure out how to say stuff he's going to explode speech-wise. His latest thing is shaking his head yes and answering things correctly. Like at night when its time for bed we always ask him if he's tired and wants to go to bed and when he is indeed tired he'll shake his head yes and low and behold those are the nights when he gives us NO issues at all.

    He's at home with grandma while we are up in DC and he acts like the perfect angel for her. He not only behaves well but he eats really well too. Just so weird because he's soooooo not like that when we are home.

  • I love post like these, it's always so nice to see what every kid is up to!I cannot believe Max is old enough to crawl...how amazing! I remember your pregnancy with Alex as if it were yesterday!

     The boys are doing great and are learning (and teaching me a few things too) every single day. Nate talks ALOT but his favorite word is "no" lately, which is so flippin cute!

    Sebastian is also been learning alot lately and is starting to read words, which I am so proud of!

    I adore my boys even on the days they drive me absolutely bonkers!!!

  • Nicky is still teething.  He has 11 teeth right now and is going to be getting his remaining 3 eyeteeth very soon.  I'm hoping the rest follow shortly.  He has been cutting teeth for a year now...I think both he and I are sooooo ready for it to be over!

    He has also entered his terrible 2's BIG time.  He no longer wants to eat or sleep and doing anything is a major battle, with full blown temper tantrums and all.

    On a good note, he is starting to talk a lot more and has become just so affectionatre lately.  He is constantly running over to me and throwing his arms around my neck and exclaiming, "Mommy!" like I am the best person in the world.  It makes me feel so good. 

     He has also become really good at putting toddler puzzles together and taking part and putting together legos.

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