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Anybody else??

anyone else have "stretching pains"? Im guessing thats whats going on with my tummy. It hurts soo its hard to breath. Sounds dramatic I know but really, what is going on?!
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Re: Anybody else??

  • I get achiness all over... The sides of my stomach always hurt and the front hurts sometimes.
  • Yup, count me in!!! Stretching, pulling on my sides and sometimes in the center of my tummy too! It's just our growing babies!!! :-)
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  • Yes!!!!  Actually quite badly tonight...especially on the far sides! 
  • Oh goodness. I was just wondering if what i was feeling is normal. It's not everyday but somedays it is really painful...glad to know everyone gets this from time to time. It is like a literal pain...not a cramp.
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  • Oh man - I've totally got this tonight! Mostly on my left side. Wowza! anything for my LO!
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  • YES!!! Yesterday in particular it was pretty bad. I even called the nurse and she said I could be dehydrated. I had crampiness in addition to the stretching sensation. I rested all day yesterday and it is better today thank god. Hope you feel better today too!
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