Teeth + BFing

My LO recently got 2 teeth on the bottom and 3 on top (in the last two weeks).  I'm starting to find the top teeth are digging in while he is nursing.  Anyone have any ideas how to stop this or what I'm doing wrong (weird latch, position, etc)?  It's starting to hurt!!  He's not biting me, it's just the teeth are digging in while he is actually sucking.  TIA!!

Re: Teeth + BFing

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    I had issues with DS biting when he first got his two bottom teeth.  It was almost like he was "experimenting" because it was different.  I would say "no", take him off and have him latch again.  In your situation I would try re-positioning your LO or having your LO re-latch.  Perhaps after he is more used to having the teeth it will get a bit easier.  Good luck.

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    DS sort of did this when he first got teeth.  Are you supporting him and your breast enough that he isn't trying to "hang on" with his mouth?  I would also have him re-latch when it happens because you really shouldn't feel his teeth when he's nursing.  It could be that he's having a hard time adjusting since he got so many so fast.
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