Fennel tea helps milk production?

Hey ladies, I've had a set back breastfeeding and am pretty much starting over with my LO. My supply is low and it's like starting over. I can only pump a few ounces, has anyone tried fennel tea, is it the same as the veggie? Licorice like? I do'nt think LO is getting enough because she's still eating her fist after feeding, so I need something beside water to help my production any ideas? TIA!
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Re: Fennel tea helps milk production?

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    I've heard Fennel and Mother's Milk Tea help, but you have to drink a ton to make a difference. I just went to The Vitamin Shoppe and bought Fenugreek and Blessed Thistle, I'm taking 3 of each 3 times a day for the next few days to see if that helps my supply.

    Another suggestion I have ( I got it from Dr. Sears's The Baby Book) is to nurse your LO, burp her and walk around with her upright for 10-20 minutes. This will help settle her tummy and then try to nurse her again on both sides for as long as you can get her to. That's really helped my DD today. Sometimes I switch it up and feed on both sides for 5 minutes each and then repeat right away. Those were both suggestions in his book to make sure LO is getting all the hind milk and to help production.


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