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Please post your closet organizer pics!

Since the nursery is small, I'm thinking of not getting a dresser, but simply getting closet organizers.  Please post your pics of your closet organizer so that I can get some ideas. Thanks!

Re: Please post your closet organizer pics!

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  • No pics b/c MH is procrastinating on assembling it & reallllly doesn't want to but I got one from Lowe's that has 2 level rods on the one side, shelves down the middle & 1 rod on the other side. I think the shelves will help a lot with storage of things like bibs/burp clothes/spare diapers & wipes, etc in baskets. They also make optional drawers & stuff that you can use in the same unit, which I think would be great if you're forgoing a dresser to keep things a little tidier than just shelves.?
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  • No pic yet here either, but DH and I are working on this right now.  He is installing the normal closet shelving that everyone has now, but it will be adjustable.  He's using the Rods that are vertical along the back that will stay stationary.  Then we are putting different levels of sheling from those rods.  The closet is about 7.5 ft wide.  about 2.5-3 feet of it on the right will have two long shelves space apart for hanging clothes, and the side on the left will be about 5 shelves.  I hope I'm explaining that's nothing fancy, but I like having all the shelves for putting baskets and storage containers on for all of the random stuff I know I will need space for
  • I'm also considering one of these type organizers because we have such small closets (old ranch house) and the bedroom isn't very large either. I hope folks post pics! I need ideas, too! :)
  • got one from Lowe's that has 2 level rods on the one side, shelves down the middle & 1 rod on the other side.

    This sounds like the one we have in DS room!! It has lots of room to hang/store things. We plan to buy the same one for DD. We also purchased it at Lowes. This is the link to what we have...even has a shoe rack! (We also took off the closet doors to make the room appear larger and we put decorative baskets on the shelves.) hth

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    From the Container Store.

  • The spare bedroom was a nursery for the people we bought the house from, so there is an already installed system.  It's a cheap metal shelving system on one side, with kid sized hanging areas on the other.  We've been using it to store too small clothes and board games, but that's why we're having the yard sale.
  • We bought a closetmaid system from HD, but it doesn't fit our little closet.  We are going to have to take it back and buy individual pieces instead.  It sucks b/c the closet is built strangely and it's going to be hard to find something efficient for it.
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  • I put my dresser in the closet to save space in the room.  We were in a rental so I couldn't make any major modifications and was stuck with a single useless rod.  DD still uses the dresser 3 years later in a different home so it was certainly a worthwhile investment.
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