Nursing Strike...

I posted this in 0-6 but then thought I should post it here too... 

Has anyone gone through this or have advice as to how to get over it?

My DS started his strike Saturday. We were at a family reunion and wouldn't take the boob. I ended up tricking him by using the nuk than pulling it out and replacing with the boob. It happened again later that night and yesterday evening also. Yesterday though he WOULD NOT take it. I ended up giving him a bottle and then he took the boob for his last feeding of the evening.

Please Help!

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Re: Nursing Strike...

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    My daughter went on strike for 2 full days about 3 weeks ago . . she refused the boob except in the middle of the night but would take bottles. But as quickly and randomly as it began, it ended and haven't had any problems since. . .  So I would just keep offering it but pump to maintain your supply if he refuses. Also, try nursing in a quiet, darker space . . sometimes my dd is just so distractible she won't settle down to nurse if there is anything else to look at. Good luck!
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    I can say I've been through this. When DD was 12 mths this happened. We had all just got back from a week vacation and that night she started striking. She just would not take the boob. It started off at first that several times per day she would not take it but maybe once or twice like in the early morning and also in the middle of the night she would. I couldnt' figure it out. Then she started giving up the morning one and eventually in the middle of the night. The problem was she was so used to the boob she would not drink from a bottle. I freaked cause she wasn't getting ANY milk. I started using a syringe to get it in her I was so desperate!!! This went on for one week. It seemed like the longest week of my life and I also got very depressed because for her to stop all of a sudden like she did, it affects the mom too. I talked to my lactation consultants several times in that week and they kept telling me to keep offering the breast and not give up. However, as soon as you offer it and they refuse, don't keep pushing it on them. Just cover yourself back up and act as if it's no big deal. She said they can sense your uneasiness about it and your tension if it's also bothering you which I know it can and will.

    Don't give up, I've heard they almost always come back to the breast. And they reasons they stop like they do varies. Could be a sore in there mouth, a sore throat that makes swallowing difficult for them, change of routine, or any other reason. Not sure if I ever figured out why my DD did but after one week of continuing to offer it, she finally took it. I literally cried so hard when she did. I was so happy. And at that point I realized to never take for granted when she nursed. I would stroke her hair and just relax and watch one of the most beautiful things you'll ever witness. It's when they strike is when you realize how much you miss it.

    Try a dark quiet place if you don't already. Be patient, remember they can sense if you are uneasy. Keep pumping to keep up your supply. Hang in there, you will get through it.


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