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Anyone Rh negative?

I was told at my appointment today that the next time I go in, I'm going to get a shot since I'm Rh negative. I had no idea what they were talking about. The doctor said not to worry but of course I am. I looked it up in a pregnancy book as soon as I got to work and now I'm even more worried. It seems like there needs to be a lot of things that have to happen before it becomes a problem. I was just wondering if anyone had an experience with this? Thanks!

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Re: Anyone Rh negative?

  • My mom was and everything turned out just fine with my brother and me.  I don't have first hand experience with it myself - all I know of is the shot they give.  I would try not to worry.  Instead of reading up on it more - call the doctor's office to ask any additional questions and they should be able to ease your fears.  I feel that you always seem to find the scariest information to read when looking on your own. 

    I am a carrier for cystic fibrosis and I freaked out when I started looking up information for what that could mean.  Turned out DH isn't a carrier and everything is fine.  

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  • I am and I got the shot too during my pregnancy and after you have the baby they test his/her blood type and that depends if you get a shot right after delivery as well. My daughter had the same blood type as I did so I didn't need to get the second shot.

    It's nothing to worry about Smile   

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  • It's actually common and like pp said nothing to worry about.  The shot really protects you for a future pregnancy.  Just remember to tell all the medical professionals that you are Rh negative as a precaution, like if you have an amnio or when you go into labor. 


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  • ok good. Sounds easy enough. Thank you so much!!!
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  • Being Rh negative basically means your bloodtype is negative (o-, A-, B-, etc...). Because of this you will have to get a shot called Rhogam around 28 weeks that will protect your next baby, not this one. When you deliver this baby they will test to see what his bloodtype is and if he is negative also you will not need another shot. If he is positive, you will get the shot. If you are negative and your next baby us positive there will be an incompatibility between negative and positive bloodcells. Your body will then attack because it thinks there is a foreign invader if you have a cold your body starts to fight it naturally. The Rhodam shot will protect this from happening when you get pregnant again. Hth, if you have anymore questions let me know. -j
  • Me! Ditto what everyone else said about it being common and not a big deal at all. My mom had it too (we are both B-) and it was really scary for her because the doctors made a typo in her file and didn't realize it. Since she and I are the same blood type, nothing bad happened, but with my brother's pregnancy, when the doctor discovered the error, they rushed her in to the office immediately to have the shot. My brother was a different blood type so luckily they caught it in time. In your case and my case, the fact that they know from the very beginning means it's basically a non-issue. My doc told me I'll be getting the shot right after the glucose test (like in the following week or two).
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  • I am O neg.  I  had the shot for both kids and would do it again in a heartbeat.  My mom didn't have it after her first kid and she had 6 m/c after that.  They thought there was a connection.
  • I am negative as well and just like the girls said. Its something simple and to protect you for your next baby. I got the shots three times since at the?beginning?of both pregnancies I?bleed?a bit and since they didn't know if it was my old blood or a m/c the shot is given as a precaution . In this case it has to be given in less than 72 hrs from bleeding. ( after 3 days your body creates antibodies against the new blood type)

    Then I got it around 28 weeks with both babies.

    Make sure that you are on top of it once you give birth. I was almost mistaken as a positive blood type (error in my chart) and when I asked the next day for my shot the nurse looked at my like if I gad two heads and told me that I was positive. Well, she rushed a blood test and right away I got my shot. This happened with Diego and would've been a huge problem since he is positive. ?

    Sofia is negative and since I had a scare with Diego I asked them to test her again. Better safe than sorry since my factory is just close for ( if my dh reads this he will totally


  • I'm O- too, and had the shot at 28 weeks but not after delivery b/c DS is also negative.  Like pp, they screwed up the chart at delivery and listed DS as positive, which made me ask for the shot and I was told we matched so there was no reason.  After checking blood types again, they confirmed that we were both negative.  Better safe than sorry, b/c like Tania's mom my grandmother had many problems after her 1st kid b/c they didn't catch the Rh difference.

    The shot is good for 12 weeks which is why they give it as 28 and then again at delivery - just in case the baby is positive and any of their blood gets into your blood stream.


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