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Do you visit other boards?

So I venture onto other message boards occasionally. One in particular, which I won't name in case some of you go on there, I enjoyed going on like I enjoy this place. 

This board doesn't have a lot of the BS that you will see on other boards here, there's really no name calling (you're an idiot!) or trolls or anything like that. Anyway,  I referred to a group of people as something that, IMO, was not a big deal and I only said to empathize, albeit negatively, a fact.   Again IMO, it wasn't insulting I've been referred to as the same thing and have never been insulted before. So in the end I got scolded by the Mods and sent the rules. Confused

Here are some of them (paraphrasing):

-no referring to anyone as haters -example 'player hater' - it is a strong word.

-no answering post with a 'yeah that' or 'what she said' or just a smiley face. if you have nothing more to say than don't respond.

-Keep it PG13- assss, b*tch, g*dd*mn, (other curse words) are ACCEPTABLE -but hater isn't?  

 So I can say b*tch all day long but can't say hater?  It's times like this when, even with all the crap that goes on other boards here, it makes me appreciate that we are not censored like that here.


Re: Do you visit other boards?

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    I visit other boards, and frankly, I'm afraid to post on some of them because of the flaming.  There was one board where I posted something and someone made a comment that I was new and basically didn't belong there.  I felt like I was in grade school again.

    When I was pg, I loved the pg after 35 ladies.  I haven't posted on this board much....because I'm new and scared.  Smile

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    I'm a long time lurker on The Nest/Bump but I do venture on other boards...Parenting and Working Moms mostly.  I check out BOTB and GP to see what's happening but they seem to be inhabited by a bunch of 20-somethings who think they know everything and fly off the handle at the slightest comment - like you said.  They have their rules and verbally abuse anyone who does not comply - I feel sorry for their future children!  :)  I'd rather come here and the other boards I mentioned to get useful information.
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    Do you mean another Bump/Nest board or another site?  I am not aware of any boards here that have moderators.  Seems like silly rules. 
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    The long-timers on certain boards come up with their own rules b/c they get sick of the "stupid" questions from newbies.
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    Sometimes I look at other boards but I only post on this one (except for a left-field post here and there).  Honestly, I feel old on the other boards!
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    Do you mean another Bump/Nest board or another site?

    No this is a completely different message board not related to The Nest or The Knot.  It's not even a baby related board.

     I'm not into all the verbal abuse that goes on a lot of these boards particular on other baby boards and some nest boards. I think it's all unnecessary but I'd rather know that I can say what I want and not be censored about it. 

    Sometimes I get the idea that other boards use The Nest as an example of what not to do and that's where they get strict with their rules.

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    Oops - I thought you meant these boards.
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