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Hi, my H and I just found out that we are expecting our first! We are about 5 weeks along.

I would love some advice. We both commute about 30 minutes to work in opposite directions, so from your experience, would it be better to have your ob/gyn near home or work? We work typical 8-6 hours so it would be difficult for either of us to make it to a dr appointment during the day.


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  • Well first off, Congrats!

    If it's hard to make it to appointments I'd go with someone near work. Mine was actually halfway between both. Check what hospital they deliver at cause that you'll want near home. And be prepared for a lot of appointments. They start out slow but by the time you get near to term you'll be going in once a week.


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  • First...CONGRATS!!! H&H 9 months to you!! Second...this is what I did: my Dr has two offices.  I go to the one near my work because its easier for morning appts (or even afternoons w/the traffic).  Its worked out great.  As for the hospital I will be delivering at...its far from home.  Not something I really wanted but my Dr only delivers there and I am REALLY comfortable w/him as well as his partners.  Btw, the ladies on the board are great and have really good advice for 1st time mom. 
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  • Congrats!!!!

    I think it makes more sense for the office to be near work since most doctor's offices only operate during normal business hours. If you are only by your house before 8 am and after 6 pm, those are likely not the times your appointments would be. I think it's better to have the doctor near work, so you can make appointments quickly during your lunch break.

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  • Thank you girls so much for the advice! i know i am going to have a million questions over the next 9 months!
  • Congrats on your pregnancy!  Hope you have a healthy and happy 9 months.

    I'm not sure what I would do in that situation.  Probably go with one closer to your work.  Unless you could make morning appointments and get in before going to work.  Just remember that towards the end of pregnancy, you'll be going to the OB once a week. 

    My OB was half way in between work and home. If you need OB recs in a certain area, just ask. 


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  • welcome!  I guess it's a matter of preference and your schedule :)
  • congrats & welcome!

     my ob was halfway between work and home.  my commute is 30 miles to work (45 min).  it worked for us, and I was there pretty often!

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