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Feeding schedules

Max is going to be 7 months old this week and I am curious to know what your feeding schedules are for your kids around the same age.
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Re: Feeding schedules

  • at 7 months mady was doing 4 formula bottles and bfast lunch and dinner only

    at that age i was still making her pureed foods

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  • Around that age Zoe got bottles at 7am, 11am, 3pm, 7pm and ate breakfast right before her first bottle, lunch around noon, and dinner at 6pm.
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  • At that age Nicky's schedule went something like this:

    Wakeup: breakfast

    9:00: bottle

    12:00: lunch

    3:00: bottle

    6:00 dinner

    Bedtime: bottle



  • Hey Lauren. Zachary usually wakes up around 7:30. i give him a bottle and let him drink as much as he wants. Lately it is around 6oz. Then I give him a stage 2 jar of fruit or fruit/oatmeal for breakfast. He is teething right now so he isn't much into warm cereal so he's having lots of chilled fruits that I keep in the fridge.

    He goes down for a nap a little later and usually wakes up around noon for lunch. He gets another bottle, around 4-6oz and at this point I will try to get him to take a stage 2 veggie. I've been feeding him ones that don't taste too bad at semi-room temp because he doesn't like the warm stuff these days. If he is still hungry I will give him a stage 2 fruit as well, which he may or may not finish. I let him munch on some puffs too if he's in the mood.

    Sometimes he takes another little bit of a bottle in between lunch and dinner.

    For dinner he takes some more of a bottle, maybe 4-6oz or so, and I'll try to get him to eat another two stage 2 jars, some kind of dinner thing and a fruit or veggie. Sometimes he will not eat that much though - only one jar. The teething thing is really throwing him off.

    He takes about 4-8oz of a bottle before bed depending on what he had at dinnertime.


    He is taking more of a bottle these days. Last month he never wanted his bottle, and only wanted baby food. But now that he's teething he just wants his bottle and cold fruit from the fridge - and sometimes he won't even eat all of 1 baby food jar if he is in a sour mood. It is crazy how their eating habits can change so quickly!

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  • Thanks for posting this. I also was wondering what other babies' feeding schedules were.

    These feeding times change day to day but in general, ds follows this schedule:

    7-745 bottle formula 6-7oz

    10 - bfast of cereal/yogurt/fruit and depending on how much he ate of this, he may/may not get a bottle afterwards.

    1 - lunch, meats/veggies and same goes here. depending on how much he ate, he may/may not get a bottle.

    400 - bottle formula (or if he lasts until 5 when i get home, i will nurse him)

    700 - nursing (or bottle formula)

    and then he wakes up a couple of times to nurse for like 10mins and then goes back to sleep. im amazed ive kept my sanity for this long on so little sleep. i actaully feel alright :)

  • Let's see her schedule hasn't changed much in two months - other than wanting a bigger mid-afternoon snack.

    7 or 7:30am - 6oz formula

    9am - oatmeal, eggs, or pancake and 1/2 banana

    12noon - lunch

    2pm - 6oz formula

    3pm - yogurt - fruit puffs (we need to give her a little something more at this time - not sure what yet maybe more fruit?)

    5:30-6pm - dinner & fruit for dessert

    7pm - 6oz formula

    8pm - bedtime

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