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Husband Temping Fail

DH has been helping me with temping for the past week or so.  He's been pretty good but he totally forgot on Saturday morning (and I was a bit hungover so I forgot too).  Then today he took it, told me the temp (I was half asleep) then didn't record it.  I emailed him when I got up and he forgot the first two digits.  Luckily I remembered since there's a huge difference between 97.23 and 96.23.  Husband Fail!

Hope you all had a good weekend!  I had a family reunion of sorts and got to hold my cousin's 6wo daughter and play with her 3yo son and drink tons of sangria.

Re: Husband Temping Fail

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    Eh, the Saturday temp would have been all wonky anyway because you had been drinking the night before. 

    How does he help you?  Does he stick the temp in your mouth while you're sleeping?  

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    OscarQOscarQ member

    Yeah, Friday - Sunday would be all wonky from the drinking.  I'm hoping to be BF'ing at next year's family reunion so I went all out this year.

    He gets up at 5:30 every morning so he takes my temp at that point so I'm bascially still asleep.  I start moving around and half waking after 5:30 so I figured him doing it at that point would be the most accurate in the long run.  And it gets him involved.

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    WOW, he's a keeper!!!  I'm sure you guys will get into a better routine over the next couple of weekends.

    Good luck!

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    He's your TTC nurse.  How sweet.

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    I'm impressed.  My DH is great, but I don't think I would trust the whole temping thing to him.  When I was temping I just set my alarm and took care of it myself.
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    Wow... He is involved!  I wouldn't trust my DH LOL.
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