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How's everyone doing?

I'm in a great mood this morning and just thought I'd share a little ray of sunshine (on this otherwise rainy day).  I'm sipping my cup of coffee while Lynda is taking a snooze.  I got my morning chores done and my rental car booked for vacation.

Anyone have anything great to share? 

How are all the babies doing?

How are the pregnant ladies feeling?

Happy Monday! (I know it would be happier if it was Friday - but I'm working with what I've got)

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Re: How's everyone doing?

  • It's a 4-day week, at least for me!  We have Friday off... and if all works out as planned, I'm off Saturday for a week long R&R w/ the inlaws and my hubby.  Can't wait.
    -- Jackie
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  • I just put Ayden in his crib, hope he falls asleep soon. He's been up since 7:30am. Once he's up I'll be going to run errands, must go to the post office today and send Shaun his care package.  I'm in a good mood as well, but I'd be in a better mood if the weather was better.

    Hope everyone has a nice relaxing day.  

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  • My in laws came back last night after being gone two and a half weeks.  It made me so happy that the first thing they wanted to do was rush over to see Lynda.  She was so happy to see Grammy and Grandpa - it made my day.

    She turned 10 months over the weekend.  Less than 2 months for her first bday celebration.  We've got everything just about squared away - I'm just looking for some Curious George plates/cups/napkins (this girl seriously loves George).  

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  • Check out Party City, they have tons of Curious George and they have a coupon $5, 10 and $20 off based on your purchase amount.



  • awwww...your little Lynda is such a cutie, seems like yesterday when I saw your belly :) Sounds like a nice morning.

    Today DH and I are going on our maternity tour at the hospital. I'm feeling good all around, just get weird discomfort up in my ribs if I sit long leaning forward, guess that's all expected! Hope the rain clears up soon. Have a nice day everyone!

  • Zoe is so funny lately. She is really trying to talk, and has a preference for words that start with "B". The cutest new one though is when she wants to play with Elmo Love, she calls him "Eh-Ma". It took me a while to realize she wasn't saying Mama, she was trying to say Elmo!  She's been going to bed at 6:30 the last few weeks and I LOVE it... Now, if she'd just take better naps I'd be so much happier!
  • That's great Melanie. If you are ever in this area, please let me know I'd like to get the kids together.


  • I'm feeling GREAT opposed to last week.  Which is a good thing =)  It's so nice to have someone around that's in such a good mood in the mornings..I love that!!!

    Time flies!! before you know'll be Lynda's birthday..

    Oh man, this gets me too excited about meeting my baby!

    I have a dr's appointment on Thursday..can't wait...we're going in for a sonogram and hopefully they tell me that things are still looking good and shooting for an Aug. delivery. 

    Cant forget that it's also a looong weekend...=) YEAY!!!

    Thanks for your ray of sunshine Cool


  • I woke up in a great mood today too...or at least I've been in a great mood since my morning workout.  I feel so energized right now!!

  • Yay for a short week. Today is my Friday at work! Gary and I leave tomorrow for DC for round #2. I can't believe its already been 3 weeks!!!!

    We had a great weekend with Mikey. He's just sooooooooo much fun. My mil taught him to find bugs and stick his tongue out while saying ill. It's the cutest thing to see. And he's just sooooo talkative. Half the time we have NO idea what he's saying but man whenever he figures out how to really say stuff he's going to be talking up a storm!

  • Hi Rach :)

    I'm doing well, Madison slept from 8pm last night until 6:20 this morning :)

    She decided to go down for a nap and I finished edging the office -which took two hours but it is done. New bookcases go in tonight to replace the built-ins torn out last week (soon to be turned back into an office/2nd bedroom).

    I'm sooo happy the garage is finished and soon the other bedroom will be too. It feels so good to get all this home improvement stuff done and the house getting back to normal.

    When is Latte factor opening again? I drove past it the other day on Wiles and can't wait to have a gtg there!    

  • Rach, I can't believe Lynda is already 10 months. Can't wait to see you two this week. She is so big now!

    Melanie, that's so adorable! :)

    I have a few things to share that I haven't had time to post lately.

    Zachary is now crawling! He started on the 19th right before he hit 7 months and is getting better at it every day. Also, when you hold him up with both hands, he can also take assisted steps "walking" across the room, it's so cute!

    He talks ALL the time now. He has been saying Mama for a while and he just said Dada last night! He was fussing and said "da-da-da." My husband came and picked him up and he got the hugest smile on his face and quieted down. Finally he is doing much better with self-feeding. I am really looking forward to him excelling with this in a couple weeks so we can add more finger foods!

    Hope all the pregnant ladies are feeling good!

    I'm off to get some more work done before my little one wakes up!


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  • Work has been absolutely crazy today but thank goodness for the wonderful weekend I had. It was a nice stress free weekend that was dedicated to DH and I. On Saturday night we met up with some good friends to have dinner at Houston's, went back to their condo and enjoyed a game of ping pong and pool. =) Sunday we went to see STOMP and went to Red Lobster for dinner. DH was really wanting some lobster. lol Basically ended the night with a good movie. Overall it was a great weekend for us and also excited this is a 4 day week for me. Looking forward to this long weekend. Set a side I have a 4th of July party I have to put together for someone early on but after that we are off to hang with some family.
  • It's nice to read everyone's updates. Add me to the feeling great group. I had an awesome weekend on my babymoon in Orlando. We hung out by the pool, ate good food and shopped. I could not have asked for more. The hotel was so nice (Thanks CesEve for the rec!) that we are going back this weekend for 4th of July with my sister in law and their daughters. I suspect this weekend will consist of running around playing with my nieces in the pools and lazy river but it should still be nice.

    I got an hour long free ultrasound last Thursday from my mom's cousin at the tech school he teaches at. I was afraid that it would be the class demostration but luckily there was no one there watching. We got to see the baby for a long time and got tons of pics and even some 3d ones. At one point he was sucking on his fat toe! He's so cute! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow (yay! I love hearing Nico's heartbeat) but I also have my glucose test. I'm terrified of not passing it. We'll see what happens.

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  • I'm glad everyone is generally in a great mood and having a good Monday :)

    I'm also feeling great physically. Mentally I am feeling pretty stressed because it's officially crunch time with studying for the bar and it's very overwhelming. But I'm trying to take it one day at a time and stick to a schedule so that I can stay on track.

    As for the pregnancy, like I said, I have been feeling great. I am still waiting to really "pop"...there are certain days and certain times where I look more pregnant than others, but it comes and goes and I still haven't gotten to that point where strangers can tell that I'm pregnant. I'm looking forward to that. I'm beyond thrilled about the big U/S next week and just counting down the hours and praying for a cooperative baby and a good "money shot." And I also spend a lot of time focusing on my belly and trying to see if I can feel any movements. I know it's still early and it might still be a few weeks before I feel anything, but I'd love to get at least a flutter. I guess I'm still in the whole surreal phase of the pregnancy since I don't know the sex yet and I still haven't felt movement and I'm not showing that much. I read that the baby is the size of an onion and it's baffling to me how something that big can be stuck in the middle of my abdomen and be moving around and yet I don't feel a thing!

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  • So - in less than a month, Kendall will be turning one! Where did the time go?! She is starting to stand on her own and I will not be shocked if she is walking by her party next month! I love the fact that when music comes on she begins to bounce now and claps her hands and just gives me this huge cheesy grin - melts my heart.

    Also, very much looking forward to ths weekend.  Getting away to visit friends and (hopefully) spend some time in the pool - weather permitting.  Is this rain ever going to stop :)

  • I love happy posts like these :)

     We are all doing great here, looking forward to closing and moving into our new house hopefully next week

     Jake got his first ear infection but one in 8 months isn't too bad and he is still in great spirits!

  • Hey Ladies,

    It does sound like everyone had a nice weekend or a nice morning. The little ones on this board are too cute for words. 

    DH is travelling again so that means a lot of quiet time at home and not having to fuss about dinner. I can't wait til he gets back, though, we've got a lot of home projects on our to do list so that we can begin preparing for baby.

    Thanks for your ray of sunshine. I have been really sleepy lately and I NEED to get up and exercise. I did pick up a few things at Motherhood Maternity yesterday - a few staples since my jeans are just way too tight these days.

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  • I am already counting down the days to my return to work! My child is getting just more and more and more and more delicious every day and I hate that I am going to have to leave her just two days after she turns 9 months! Ack!

    Nadia has one tooth that already broke through and now has the second one coming in. She's been a bit cranky these days- but overall, I can't complain. My baby is usually a happy kid & I know teeth hurt.

    She loves to be on the floor and is a super roller. She can roll & scoot just about anywhere! Just this week she started tucking her legs under her body and ROCKING. I know I'm going to regret saying this- but I am looking forward to her crawling! LOL!

    The other day- I left her laying down- went to get her bottle and when I came back she was SITTING UP! Don't know how she did it and I've been waiting to see her do it again, but it hasn't happened yet. ;-)

    She started babbling a few weeks ago and sometimes it sounds like ma-ma! LOL! (I can hope, right!) She is super social and LOVES other kids. She cracks up when she sees them and reaches out to touch them. I LOVE IT!

    We have some trips planned for the next few weeks, but mainly, I am just enjoying being with her.


  • Glad you're having a good Monday.  :)

    Lyndia is looking super cute in that hat.

     Andrew is starting to move along with his milestones.  Today he finally learned how to get in and out of a sitting position by himself.   I'm hoping he's going to crawl sooner or later.


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  • Late here as usual - I don't get to nest at work :0( 

    Today went fast - thank goodness!  I was in a good mood today as well - I can always tell when I'm in a good mood - b/c I just sing all day.  It's funny b/c I don't even realize I'm singing out loud - and I'm not any good - but whatever I LOVE to sing.  The song that I couldn't get outta my mind was "Billy Jean".  My all time Favorite MJ song. 

    ANyways, tomorrow - going to see the MD to make it official.  Looking forward to our first U/S.  Yeah! 

    Planning my 30 birthday bash/Fourth of July BBQ Pool Party...and can't wait for my family to fly in Thursday nite!  I too am looking forward to a four day weekend with family, friends, and virgin Pina Coladas!!

    Have a great week ladies!!

  • Another late poster but its the only time I can check with you girls.?

    ?Today was my first day at work and thank god it was very nice. Everyone was very nice and pleased to see me back. My boss approved my flexible time so that is the icing on the cake for me since I love my work and struggle to stay at home so flexible time is my medium.?

    ?Diego is still sick and I think its just the back molars that are breaking in since the kid has no other symptoms. If he is still with a fever tomorrow I will take him to the dr. He talks like a little parrot and everyday amazes us more and more. He knows his colors, the vowels, the numbers 1-10, well, you get an He just makes us so happy and keeps us entertain a lot.

    ?Sofia is growing up too fast. Already 3 months. She loves to listen to us and?babbles?a lot. If that is any sign of an early talker...OMG. She loves bath time, and to be in our arms, And her favorite toy is a Minnie plush. She is my mini

    Its nice to see everyone had a great day.?

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