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To make matters worst......

I was supposed to go back to work Monday the 6th but since my supervisor's assistance is leaving on vacation after the holiday I decided to start tomorrow ( I am her back up ) to get a hand on things while she is still there.

?Now I won't have to deal only with the feelings of going back to work but on top of that Diego is sick. He has not been sick for a long time and now?coincidentally?he does when I have to go back to work. I mean, I could not go since my official day is not this week bur still I already said I will so I hate to not stay true to my word. I will probably take him to the dr after work unless his pedi says otherwise.

He's been running a fever since yesterday but no other symptoms. The pedi said that it could've been from the heat (we went to the beach) or he might have gotten something. We'll see. He said that if the fever persists more than 48 hrs to take him in. ?

?Just wanted to express my feelings....its sucks to go back work when your little one feels so yucky. His eyes are sad.....:(?

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