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moving from infant tub to big tub

When did ou do this?  I think Abby's just about outgrown her blue tub and I'm afraid to put her in the big tub!!  Did you put one of those mats down so they don't slip?  I'm terrified she's going to slip forward or someothing.  How high up do you fill the tub, too?  To the waist?  Lower? 


Re: moving from infant tub to big tub

  • Not that I know from personal experience, but my aunt has a tub kind of like this one: Eurobath. She had this in the regular tub and she bathed her boys in there well into their toddler years. I think my cousin was 3 or 4 and he was still using it. I'm not sure exactly when she transitioned them to just the regular tub without anything else, but something like this might be a good middle ground between having her in the infant bather and a regular big person tub. There's also this one that I've seen people use: Duck Tub.
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  • You can get one of those bath rings to sit in the big tub, we are thinking of getting one. But for now we just sit him in and fill the water to below his belly button and (it's a 2 man job) one of us will have our arms ready to catch him if he falls forward or backwards while the other washes him
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  • imageMrsVictoriaB:
    You can get one of those bath rings to sit in the big tub, we are thinking of getting one. But for now we just sit him in and fill the water to below his belly button and (it's a 2 man job) one of us will have our arms ready to catch him if he falls forward or backwards while the other washes him

    yeah, this is what happened the other day.  actually, we used a tub my mom gave us that has a little spa motor in it, and abby slipped all the way forward and smacked her face into the motor part.  she wasn't too happy about it!  i felt sooo bad.   lol  i'll have to get one of those ring things..

     thanks for that link, jen!  i'll have to see it in person.  abby squirms so much, i would be afraid of her get over those little bumps!

  • We used a bath ring around 6 months and I highly recommend using one. It made bath time fun and easy and Riley loved it!

    Just recently all I've been using  is a tub mat from target.

     It works great!

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  • Chelsea's been in the big tub since she could sit up on her own.  We don't have a mat or anything and fill the tub about up to her waist.  I have been bathing both kids together for a couple of weeks now.  And being that Chelsea is mobile - she crawls and stands up in the tub - she has a blast!  She has slipped a couple of times - but nothing major - mostly she just got scared.  Get some cute bath toys for her to play/distratct her with.  I let them play for like 5-10 minutes and then I lay her on her back to wash her up.  She loves it b/c she likes to splash the water all around her - and I think she thinks she's swimming!  . 
  • I still use Diego's FP Aquarium tub. the toddler side is roomy and he puts all his toys on the other side. On bubbles days, he just sits in the tub with a mat so that way is not slippery. I fill the tub to his waist a little lower maybe.?
  • Bath time has been a constant adjustment for us.  It's not easy.  Can Abby sit up okay on her own?  Until Lynda could sit up on her own we used a bath sling and it was great!  Once she started sitting up on her own she wanted nothing to do with it.  For a while I would actually go in the tub with her and bathe her on my legs - it was the easiest.  I got really tired of that fast.  She now sits up on her own in the tub and I just fill up the water to her belly button and bathe her just fine.  A non slip mat helps a lot.
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  • Have you seen the duck tubs? They are 15 bucks and you just blow them up. When Zachary outgrew his infant tub we used this tub because he was sitting up on his own but I was still worried about him falling. I still worry about him slipping so we've continued to use the duck and I really like it. It is very convenient and easy so I'll just use it until he outgrows it. We put it in the big tub so that he gets used to the idea of being in the big tub :)

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  • We used the Duck Tub for months and it worked great.  DS could brace himself with his feet or catch himself easily with a hand if he started to slip and I loved the fact that it used less water than a full sized tub.
  • Max has been sitting up in the big tub for a while now. I fill the water up to just below his waist, basically so that only his legs are covered. I bathe him and Alex together at the same time. I do have one of the bath mats down to make sure that he doesnt slip and slide all over the place. I think he really enjoy being free to move around there, he cracks up the whole time!
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  • I put Cedric in the big tub almost as soon as he could sit up on his own.  I was bathing him in the sink before that.  I do use a nonslip mat that I bought at BRU for about $15 that covers the entire floor of the tub b/c he did slip a couple of times before I got that.
  • We put Kate in the big tub and fill it up to her waist like most of the others.  Noah and Kate sometimes bathe together which makes it a little more interesting but she does fine.  She love crawling around in the tub.
  • I highly recommend then Duck Tub that Karen recommended. They sell it at Target for $9.99, it's inflatable and basically sits in the big tub until you feel more comfortable to have her in the big tub alone. We used the duck tub from 7-12 months, and then put her on a bath mat in the big tub.

  • I have a tub like this one: which is deep enough for him and he's fine in it. Haven't had the courage to move him into the tub alone. However I'm not going to take the tub on our trip this weekend so I am thinking of buying a mat tomorrow so I can use it at the hotel.
  • We have this First Years Infant to Toddler tub.  It looks like it's going to work for quite a while.

    I like the idea of the ring in the tub too.  I'm scared to put him in the big tub by himself. 

    Sometimes he just flops over without warning! 

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  • BRU sells a mesh lounge-looking thing. Baby can sit up or lean back. That's what I used until Nicky started moving all over the place and wouldn't sit on it anymore.
  • I use the duck and will continue to use it for a few more weeks & then I'm just going to start putting her directly in the tub on a bath mat.
  • Hi, we started off with the fisher price rainforest tub; then at about 10 months, because he started to want to stand up and the rainforest didn't have any grip to the bigger tub, we found this at IKEA:

    It was just perfect, has grip both in and on the bottom, so if he stands, or grips the sides in an attempt to stand, he has grip and it doesn't tip over like the rainforest wanted to...Also, when filled, it is super sturdy and hard to move because of the grip on the bottom. We also only fill up up to about his belly button, cause it holds a lot of water.  After this one, probablt transition to the tub. Our LO is 31" tall and when he sits in it, he still has plenty of room for him and toys..take care,

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