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What is the easiest part of adoption? 

What is the hardest part of adoption?

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  • The easiest part was the "pre-work". Paperwork, fingerpints, counseling session, home visit.

    The hardest part is WAITING... :) 

  • What is the easiest part of adoption?  we had a negative 30 day wait as we weren't even active yet when we were matched/placed with G

    What is the hardest part of adoption? the uncertaintly of meeting a birth mother, of not having anyone to facilitate the meeting as it happened too quickly for a SW or attorney to be present, and what to expect AFTER placement - we researched the adoption process so much that we didn't even think about the 'after' part.

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  • EASIEST:  all of the paperwork, it seemed overwhelming at first but was very manageable...I felt a huge sense of accomplishment being able to cross items off our check-list!

     HARDEST: the waiting, esp. having a potential match fall thru

  • EASIEST: Loving my sweet little boy. It's not like I expected that to be "hard", but it was a little surprising to me how immediately I felt such intense love for him and how quickly I began feeling like his mommy. Based on a lot of books we read and trainings we went through, I expected that bonding process to take a little more time.

    HARDEST: Coming to peace with the relationship with your child's birthparents after placement.  For me, that means accepting the fact that we will probably never have the strong, open relationship with his birthmom that I dreamed of for him. But for others, that may mean coming to terms with a relationship that is more open than you had expected or wanted.

  • What is the easiest part of adoption?  I agree with PPs the paperwork was easy, if a little unnerving at times

    What is the hardest part of adoption? Friends/family who are insensitive, be it by accident or not.  My SIL acted like we were pg together since we announced our adoption plan when they got pg.  Then called to ask how to do baby things (no idea I don't have a baby).  And now sends emails with advice about baby items that we "need", after I told my brother that we will probably have to put the adoption on hold when we sell our house. (His response "that's okay you're still young.")

  • easiest: was making the decision to grow our family with adoption.  Our hearts knew for a long time we just needed our thoughts to catch up.


    hardest: by far the WAIT and unknown, risking your heart

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  • The easiest was the paperwork...lots of it, but manageable.

    The hardest part was our failed adoption and the waiting, but trusting in God to bring us Ben made it a lot easier. 

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  • The easiest part: Loving them more than anything you could imagine! I knew that I would but I didnt know that it would be this intense!!!

    The hardest part: Not knowing what to expect. Honestly, everyones stories are a little different. And for us the absolute hardest thing was holding our little baby, loving him, taking care of him and not knowing if it was "forever". Fortunately, it was and we are the family that my hubby and I dreamed of.

    Best Wishes!!! It is worth every second of the paperwork, waiting, lose of sleep, worrying, etc!!!!! When you hold your perfect little baby, nothing else matters!!!!

  • Right now, the easiest part is the paperwork. I thought it would be worse, but not so. Also, working on our profile since i am a designer is more like fun than work.

    Hardest... haven't really hit that point yet, but i imagine it will be the wait. 

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