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anyone use fish oil to help with delays? (especially speech delays)

I am going to start giving S omega-3 fish oil since some studies show that it helps kids with speech delays.

anyone else do this? ?

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Re: anyone use fish oil to help with delays? (especially speech delays)

  • no, but i just buy milk and yogurt that has DHA in it.
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  • I have heard this with speech and had given it to my son.  I did see a difference but he also started with therapy around the same time so I am not eally sure.  It's good for them anyway.

    My son was just a late talker, no other issues so maybe that is why I "think" I seen a difference, not sure.
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  • responded to the other post, but we definately see a difference with the fish oil. DS LOVES the flavor!

     here's a link to what we use:


  • My son has Autism and we us Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil.  It has helped him with eye contact.  He also gets M B-12 injections every 3 days (its b 12 vitamins) and that along with large doses of probiotics has been HUGE for his speech both receptive and expressive.  He was completely nonverbal 6 months ago and now has over 50 words and can follow a simple direction
  • I just bought the book, late talker, what to do when you child talks late.


    It has a chapter on omega-3.  I have started DS on this, last week.  Wednesday I think. 

     I went away for the weekend and when I came back yesterday he had new sounds.  he would repeat almost every sound I made.  I was super happy.

     Also, some friends saw him who had not seen him a while.  they said that they saw a HUGE difference in him behavior wise after just a few days on it.

     I am using the coromega orange stuff. 

  • triplea181 where did you buy it?
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