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We have fabulous news!

I first want to thank you ladies for all your thoughts and prayers. I honestly believe in them since I was on the Knot!

Since we started our journey into looking for a new place, my faith has really opened my eyes. As many of you know I'm not a really big on religion, but we have been truly blessed these past few weeks!

I started loosing hope when I got into my accident and negative things have been happening since! I started talking to my mom, who is very very religious, and she told me to think positive, pray and have faith! I thought- oh dear here we go again! But, I did indeed started praying, and having faith that everything was going to turn out for the best of us.

Little by little I started to see signs that turned things to the positive side. One of them is starting the process to search for a new, bigger place for our growing family!

Yesterday I had this feeling that it was going to be THE day we got the call! Sure enough I got a call from my realtor that we were FINALLY approved by the association! The landlord had been calling all week fighting with them since they were taking so long! Well today we turn in the money to move in, do a walk through and get the keys to our new place!

We are super beyond excited and so pleased to be out of the small apartment we are currently living in! I can't say I hate the place because we have shared so many memories there. 

So thank you once again to you girls for being my little rock on the web! Sorry this turned out soo long.....XOXOX Bridge!

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