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Roo's Birth Story =)

here you go! 3wks and 3 days later... but what can you do? ;)

on may 31st (my 27th birthday) my water broke at 6pm after baking 4 batches of chocolate chip cookies (nesting much??!) i called dh who had just gotten of work, broke the news and he was on his way home...  my water was pink but had no odor and the nurses felt it was fine so i took my sweet ass time packing up the dogs and even drove them into seattle to my friends house (30 minutes from ours) before we actually hopped on the I5 and started the hour long trek to the hospital in tacoma... i realized that was dumb pretty fast because the contractions got SUPER close together and intense and i was leaking a lot of water (or what i thought was water at the time...)

when we got to the hospital it was 11pm, i checked into the ER and at that point it became evident i was losing lots and lots of blood.  i didn't know this was a problem until the nurse came in and had the ob on call paged to come in immediatly.  when i say a lot of blood, i mean i could feel it gushing out of me even though i was laying on my side.  the ob was checking me less than 10 minutes later and at that point my contractions were right on top of eachother, i was shaking uncontrollably and i was only dialated at 1 fvcking centemeter!  they gave me an epidural right away because i was unable to change positions to deal with the contractions and the hope was that they would actually disapear because that would mean there wasn't anything wrong inside... unfortunately that wasn't the case- they only grew stronger and the doc was convinced my placenta had detached from my uterus and i was bleeding into it and both roo and i were in danger so before i know it i'm prepped and wheeled into the OR (apparently the room was ready for me from the very beginning... haha) and roo was born at 1:17am- two hours after my arrival!   turns out a third of my placenta had detatched which is called a placenta abruption and my ob and nurses made a good call.  

the c/s was not my original birth plan, but i couldn't be happier with how the situation was handled.  i have an amazing girl who was delivered safely (although she swallowed a LOT of blood and had to have her stomach pumped) we both came out alive =)  

i'm not gonna lie- recovery is/was a biitch... and the way the pain meds mess with you can be a real annoyance (3 hours of puking after having your tummy cut open = OUCH!) but in the end, hell yes i will do it again.  

am i crazy?  maybe ;)  so thats my long ass birth story... gotta go- roo just shiit her pants.

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