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Anyone delivering at MGH in Boston?

Anyone delivering or have delivered at MGH in Boston?  Can you share some light as to how their maternity department is set up?  Birthing rooms, rules of who can be in the room, visitor regulations, etc?? 

Re: Anyone delivering at MGH in Boston?

  • They have tours of the maternity ward that you can go to.  They will tell you where to go etc.  As for rules of the room/visitors, I haven't found out yet, but I am sure that if you ask your ob, he/she will be able to tell you.

  • We are delivering at MGH in September, if all goes according to plan. ?In full disclosure, I did 2 semesters working with a midwife in the MGH Revere site. ?The set up there is really ideal. ?All the MGH health center OB/GYN sites function like one big practice. ?So no matter when you go into labor or have a question there is always someone well qualified on the hospital floor to help you out. ?

    They have MDs and midwives and they all practice together really well. ?So when you have a question after office hours you can talk to the midwife on call. ?When you go into labor you go "the floor" and a midwife will see you to do a labor check and either send you home or admit you. ?You can labor in a private room, but no tubs. ?If you are a midwife patient, the midwife on call will delivery you. ?If you are an MD patient, the MD on call will deliver you. ?There is an OR on the floor too if you should need to have an emergency C-section. ?The RNs are wonderful too.

    As far as I know the "rules" for # of people in the room are the mom and 2 others. ?for what I have seen the rules are fairly flexible and in place mostly to protect the privacy and comfort of the birthing mom.?

    The whole team is great. ?You would have a good experience if you choose to birth there. ?Good luck!!?

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  • Thank you very much for the information!!!  It's really helpful!!!
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