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Maya is here!- long

At my 36 week ultrasound we found out that she was breech, so on June 1st I went in for a version to see if they could flip her.  They couldn't, so they scheduled me for a c- section on June 12.

I was super nervous having never been in the hospital or had surgery before, but when we arrived at the hospital at 630 that morning, I was feeling pretty good.  DH was the one that was nervous!  Being that it was a scheduled c-section, if there was another delivery or emergency c-section happening when the time came, we knew that we could have a bit of a wait even though it was scheduled for 830 am.  Everything went smoothly though, and 830 rolled around faster than I could imagine!

 They took me into the operating room first and sat me up on the side of the bed so they could administer the spinal.  It was sooo cold in there so they covered me with warm blankets in the front while they were doing the spinal.  The worst part was the lidocane that they inject first- it felt like a really bad bee sting, but I didn't feel a thing when the spinal went in.  About 5 seconds later my legs were jelly and I couldn't feel a thing from the ribs down.  They laid me down and let DH come in after they put the catheter in.  Then the drape went up and away we went!!!  It was about 845 when they started.

It was a weird feeling- I didn't know when they started cutting but there was a rocking sort of feeling while they were doing everything.  Suddenly I felt a huge pressure on my chest when they pulled the baby out, and Maya Elizabeth was born at 901 am.  

DH went with her to the nursery right away and it took about another 30 minutes to finish up  putting everything back in and stapling me up.  It took longer to put me back together than it did to actually deliver the baby!  But everything went smooth as silk.  In fact, the doctors and nurses said that was one of the smoothest c-sections they had ever done, even if the baby did come out feet first.

We are all recovering well and everything is great!  Thanks for reading my birth story- I know it was long!!!

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