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Couldn't have planned it better!!

Our first baby so we are hoping everything to be perfect.  Did not get sick just tired and really fat towards the end.  Everyone anxious b/c we didn't find out the sex so Jan. 10 2009 which was my due date could not come sooner. Left work Friday the 2nd feeling great and telling everyone I'd see them Monday.  Well Sunday the 4th  at noon while doing laundry my water broke.  I hopped in the shower grabbed my bag and we were off to the hospital.  Checked in and was ready to roll by 2 o'clock.  My husband and I had taken the lamaze classes and i was determind to do it natural.  Everyone thought i was crazy but thats what i wanted to do.  contractions are about 1 1/2 minutes apart and still bearable i was 7 cm and the DN said last call; honestly when i walked in the hospital and told my DN that i took lamaze her eyes lit up so at that point if i would have told her to give me the epidural i don't think she would have.  Between my husband and my DN they were awesome I couldn't of asked for better coaches.  the DR came in about 6pm and said i wasn't close that the baby was to high my DN told him to stay close b/c we were having this baby before 7 (thats what time her shift ended) 630pm the DR was back in and about 4 pushes along with 4 screams of vulgar language Maci Faye was here at 6:36 pm.  I felt wonderful and was moving around fine not long after.  It was actually the greatest thing i have ever done in my life and hope for my pregnancies to come they will all be the same. 

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