Lurker coming out of the woodwork

Good morning, ladies.

I just wanted to take some time to post here, as DH and I have decided to start looking into adoption. 

Long story short, I have PCOS and DH has severe MFI and it's not looking promising for us.  We are about to start our 3rd IUI cycle after many, many drug cycles before that.  We are not sure how we feel about IVF when there are so many kids who need homes already.  It's all kind of undecided right now.

But, we have our first informational session with Catholic Social Services next month, so I just thought I'd introduce myself now.  I'm quite sure I'll have many, many questions in future.


Re: Lurker coming out of the woodwork

  • I'm so sorry about your IF issues, but glad you came out of lurking to chat. This really is a great board, and even if you end up trying IVF, you will get plenty of information in the meantime. 
  • DH and I used Catholic Family Center in our area to adopt.  We were very pleased w/ the process...we adopted our DD in Jan and are awaiting finalization.  Good luck w/ your meeting:)
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  • Thanks, ladies.  It's all a little overwhelming to think about right now. 

    I have always strongly believed in adoption/fostering.  I have three adopted cousins and my aunt and uncle fostered several before them.  DH and I had decided long before all the IF crap that we wanted to eventually adopt at least one child.

    I guess I just never expected that it might be my only option, you know? 

  • Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you!
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  • Welcome to the board.  Sorry about your IF issues.   You and your DH have the same issues as me and my DH.  We did the 3 IUI's and an IVF 3 BFN and 2 miscarriages.   We adopted a baby boy in June 2007.  I have to say that I'm thankful for all we went through to get to Ben.

    Good Luck in the future with whatever you decided to do. 

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  • Welcome! Post often.
  • Hi, I remember you (and your pretty eyes!) when I used to visit BOTB.  Welcome to the board, I'm sorry for the IF troubles you've been having!  Feel free to ask any questions you have, someone here always seems to know the answer- or at least a good place to learn more!
  • Welcome! I'm new myself but am already loving how much this board posts and replies! Great ppl so far!!

    Sorry about your IF issues. I also have PCOS and DH has MFI ... we tried 16 rds of Clomid along with IUI and some donor sperm cycles but the road kept pointing to Adoption! So, here we are.


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