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Emily's induction birth story

Emily Elizabeth was born on June 19th at 11:02pm weighing 6lb, 11.2oz and measuring 19in long. Birth story and picture below! I went to my doctor on June 18th to check on my bp because it had been a little high at my 39 week appointment. My bp was still high (158/94), so my doctor decided to go ahead and induce me since I was so close to full term. This was at 5pm, and she made me an appointment to check in at the hospital to start cervadil (sp) at 6:30 that night with a 7:30am induction for the following morning! Dh and I were shocked that it was going to happen so fast but were super excited that we would be meeting our little girl the next day! We checked into the hospital at 6:30 and ended up waiting until 8pm to get a room because all of the L&D rooms were full. We went to a temporary room and the doctor inserted the cervadil. By 11:30 that night we were checked into a L&D room.

The next morning, pitocin started at 9am (we were running a little late because they wanted me to eat breakfast which took forever to get!). At 1:30 my water broke and the really harsh contractions started.  By 4pm I was ready for my epidural but only dialated to 2-3 cm.  The contractions were really bad but I wasn't having much progress at all.  I ended up maxing out the dosage of pitocin by 8:30 and the doctor decided to stop the pitocin drip to give my body a break, hoping that I would actually dialate further than 3cm.  At 9:30 she started me back on the pitocin but I had to be closely monitored because the baby's heart rate dropped twice. 

By 10:15 I was 6cm dialated but my doctor was convinced that I wouldn't deliver until the morning so we sent our families home.  However, in the time it took for dh to send our families home and get me some water, I went from 6-10cm!  I knew something big was happening because I could feel EXTREME pressure every 30 seconds or so during that time.

Once I was 10cm, the doctor had me try a few pushes because the baby wasn't in position yet.  I started pushing with each contraction and she popped right into position!  In fact, she crowned so quickly that the doctor barely had time to put her scrubs and gloves on!  Once she crowned, I gave one big push and she came completely out!  All in all, I pushed for 27 minutes and had a super-minor tear that required 1 stitch.

We are so completely in love with our little Emily!  Breastfeeding has been a slow-go because I have short nipples and have to use a nipple guard, but we're giving it our best shot.  Either way, she's an amazing baby and we couldn't be happier!  Better pics to follow!

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