So I had a Good Day ( update on my bad one!)

I wanted to thank everyone who sent out prayers and positive vibes for me yesterday! It means a lot! You ladies are the best! I pray for everyone here on this board and for my former t-ttc sisters everyday and I appreciate the support so much! My DH and I sat down for a huge part of the day and talked about our situation and decided not to change our path, and he just needs to put his additional schooling aside for a short period of time as he needs to get more education for his current job and that is the priority. SO, the sky is not falling after all! We don't have the test results yet of the exam he took yesterday but after he received horrible news the night before, I give him credit for even showing up for the exam. We spent a nice evening at home with some pizza and woke up with a plan and a clearer head.

I went to breakfast with a new friend from our church, got a pedicure I needed desperately ( and a mani, too....) and took some ice cream and my Ipod to a lake near our home and did some relaxing! It's amazing how a good nite's rest ( and a pizza!) can help clear your head !!!

Thanks again for the love, ladies!


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Re: So I had a Good Day ( update on my bad one!)

  • It is great to see you are feeling better and took the time you needed. I am thrilled to hear you guys decided not to change your path.

    Hang in there and have an awesome weekend. 



  • I'm glad you're feeling better, too!  Wink

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  • so glad you feel better and that you know what path you are taking.
  • I am glad you are feeling better!  Good for you for taking good care of yourself.
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  • I'm glad to hear that you are feeling better today. :)

    It's nice that you were nice to yourself, too, with the mani/pedi and relaxing.  It's good to do stuff like that.

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