Today was a good day

We had our agency orientation meeting today. We were supposed to attend with 2 other couples, but the SW called yesterday in a panic and said they had canceled. We had a choice to do the orientation 1-on-1 today, or wait for another day (and possibly another location). We opted for just going in today. DH is more of a 1-on-1 guy anyway, and he seemed to be almost excited about this.

We had a good orientation, got to talk a lot about losses and gains from the BP and AP perspectives, saw a video of a BM talking about the process from her perspective, and got a chance to ask questions. We got some resources to read when we get a chance--I've already started the book on open adoption. While we were watching the video, the SW got a call about an emergency placement, so we got to talk about that potential situation and see what the SWs do when this comes up. It was pretty exciting to know that we were there when an adoptive family got "the call".

Since it was just us, we got the orientation done more quickly than usual, so we took the additional time to wrap up our second homestudy meeting. Plus we had brought all the paperwork we've completed so far. At this point all we have to do is finish the rest of our paperwork and have a home visit, and we're ready for next steps!

We celebrated by visiting Babies R Us (much better to go midday, midweek) and getting some ideas of what to buy (hopefully soon).

I missed a whole day of Nesting, so it was great to come on here today and see almost a full page of new posts!

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